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What is Cyber Crime: Everything You Need To Know

What is Cyber Crime? Imagine a spooky night when you are going to login to your favourite account having thousands of followers waiting to see you live. But all of a sudden you shredded when a message popped up on your screen saying, Oops! The password you are entering is wrong”.


what is cyber crime

Surely, this will give you a mini heart attack but you try again to enter the right password but bam. This is wrong again. You will criss-cross the password multiple times but everything is in vain now.


What’s the matter? Are you entering the right password? Are you forget your current password? U mm, or maybe someone just hit your account to hack it?


There is a 100% chance of being hacked which is the only way to get in the situation even if you’re right at your side.


But how!!!


This must be hitting through your mind that how someone can hack your account. Well, as there’s good, there’s bad. The dark side of this techie world is filled by hackers who dig different to trigger their prey. This action is known as cybercrime


With the advancement of technology in the workplace, there are more chances of getting hacked.


Now let’s begin with the initials and how cybercrime is done.


What is Cybercrime?

As the underworld uses various ways to conduct a crime similarly there is not a single way to conduct cybercrime. It is basically an alleged way to attack someone’s personal property via digital means.


The property I’m saying here is not the on-ground property but all of your computer, digital files, cloud computing, network system accounts, profiles at social networking sites, passwords, and bank accounts are included.


Types of Cybercrime

Cybercrime is not just related to hacking but all sorts of bullying, defaming, targeting, hate speech, online propaganda, online fraud, and all other alleged means to target someone through digital networks are also included.


Department of Justice, US has categorized the cybercrime into three main areas which are


  1. Cyberattack on computer
  2. The computer is used for a cyber attack
  3. The computer is added for a cybercrime


However, in a more holistic way, we can divide cybercrime into two main categories.


Targeting networks and devices

Targeting through networks



DoS Attacks

Social Engineering

Phishing Emails


Identity Theft

Online Scams


What Cybercrime can do?

A cybercrime paralyzed the computer system which troubles the operator to make it run as usual. It tears the businesses and causes catastrophic losses. For a website, it makes it inaccessible for its users which cause billions of loss per day.


Even, celebs, military personnel, and government officials are not in a safer zone. The brat of cybercrime is ever a tiny corner of the world attacking the top ones.


Besides the intellectual property, it can also damage the physical property such as a steel mill in Germany that was hacked in 2015.


what is cyber crime

How Cybercrime is done?

As you are aware of the nitty-gritty of cybercrime, here comes the important element stating that how cybercrime is done. Cybercriminals use the most common ways through which cybercrime is done. The following are the topmost techniques showing how cybercrime is done.


  1. Botnet: It is a network of software robots or bots that spread viruses and malware automatically.
  2. Zombie Computer: It is a computer that is attacked by various malware and used to share files containing that malware. A computer that becomes part of a botnet is also a zombie computer.
  3. Fast Flux: It is a technique where attacked data is moved quickly through different computers or networks making it difficult to get the root cause or source of malware or phishing websites.
  4. (Dos) Attacks: Known as Denial of Service, it makes a server or network unavailable to its users by targeting a huge number of traffic of users.
  5. Social Engineering: It is a trick to manipulate people to expose their personal information. Phishing is another form of social engineering.
  6. Skimmers: These are the devices that trace card information when the credit cards a swiped through them. This usually happens in stores or restaurants but many ATMs are also attached to this device by criminals to get the information that is then sold through the criminal community.
  7. Illegal Content: Cybercriminals share prohibited content and fabricated picture to defame someone.


Earlier, cybercrimes were committed by individuals at minor scales but today the scenario is quite different. Hackers and cybercriminals are merged together under the nose of government to work as a gang.


Shield Yourself!

As I said earlier, there’s good, there’s bad. There are many developers helping for the safety and security of peoples’ personal property by giving them very powerful antivirus software.


You need to download any significant one and make sure to insert the scanned flash drive only. Plus, you should change your pin code and password on a regular basis which will trick the hackers to attack.


Last but certainly not the least, be vigilant enough while surfing through the web as there are much malware away from you with by just a click. So never open any suspicious link.


Comment below or contact us if you ever face any of such problems.


We’d love to help! 🙂 

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