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Top 5 Torrent Websites For TV Shows 2019

TV shows are often hard to find on torrent websites. Some have files that are large in size and you don’t have enough bandwidth to download them. Some provide too slow seeders to download it.


So today we have compiled a list of Top 5 Torrent Websites For TV Shows 2019.


This list includes websites that are totally for TV shows and some are for other content as well but provide the best torrent for TV Shows.




Torrent Websites For TV Shows


EZTV, as the name suggests, is a TV-related torrent website. EZTV is well known for TV Shows torrents and to download the latest episodes of well-known TV Shows. You can find your favorite TV Shows torrents on EZTV and download them. The Download Speeds is very good and its search engine lets you find your desired content fast and easy. If you’re interested in downloading TV Shows better give this website your first try.


2. TorrentDownloads


Torrent Websites For TV Shows


Torrent Downloads is another resource for TV Shows related torrents. You can download torrents from various categories as well. What’s most amazing about this website is the search feature and related torrents that it shows. It really comes in handy when you’re searching for torrents.


3. TorrentDB


Torrent Websites For TV Shows


TorrentsDB provides a wide range of torrents. It has torrents in different categories as well. But most people use it for downloading torrents for TV shows and movies. You can find your torrents very easily because of its simple user interface and search options.


4. Demonoid


Torrent Websites For TV Shows


Demonoid is looking like a simple old-fashioned website but doesn’t go on the looks its really a demon when it comes to torrents. This simple and unique design of the website lets you search torrents very easily. You can find your desired torrents, be it movies, games, TV shows, and stuff.


5. ThePirateBay


Torrent Websites For TV Shows


ThePirateBay is on this list because if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the sites suggested above you can still give this torrent giant a try. Because of its big user community, you can find your desired TV Show torrent. You can search the torrent yourself or ask different torrent uploaders to provide you with the specific torrent. Its always good to give this torrent giant a try.


So good luck with downloading your favorite TV show on the internet. And comment down below which torrent site you use to download TV shows on the internet.


Disclaimer: Grey Readers categorically not promote any illegal sharing. Please check your country’s bylaws before downloading any content through torrent.