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biggest cybercrime cases in history
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Biggest Cyber Crime Cases In The History So Far

Some hot news started circulating among all channels about the worst or you can even say biggest cyber crime cases in history so far.


Cybercriminals have become more holistic and sophisticated in their attacking and breaching ways. Whenever an organization shields its self against any kind of cyber threat, the potent cybercriminals attack with a cutting edge which left every mouth open with a big “How?


If we look back at some 5 to 6 years ago, there were mild cases of cybercrimes which the bigger organizations never bothered to take into consideration. But dark time always finds its way towards you, sooner or later.


Now, we usually see the globally renowned organizations are under the penetration of criticisms made by the electronic, print, and our favorite social media about their cyber-proof security systems.


Here are some of the biggest cybercrime cases in history which would lead y’all in a slight shock.


1. Russian Grid Hacking in the US (2017 – 18)

The biggest rivals of all times kept the red line busy with the Involvement of Russian for Grid Hacking in the United States. This was started in 2017 when the security researchers of US alarmed the officials about the subverting systems caused by the Russian hackers.


They could access and amend US utility’s control systems with the system very much alike NotPetya ransomware.


In February 2018, Trump Administration publicly endorsed NotPetya malware to Russia firstly and later on blamed them for grid hacking in March.


This attack was a sobering disclosure with the help of highly proficient Russian hackers of 2017. American officials hinted it for months but it was kept closed as government and private sectors were dealing with how to respond.


2. Marriott International (2014 – 18)

The hotel released news that around 500 million customer’s data was stolen by cyber thieves which occurred back in 2014 on the systems supporting Starwood hotels.


Marriott did not discover it until September 2018 while the attackers remained in the system.


Name, contact information with a combination of passport number, Starwood Preferred Guest numbers, travel details, and other valuable personal information.


It is also believed that credit card numbers and expiration dates of more than 100 million customers were also compromised yet it is uncertain whether these cards are decrypted or not.


An article published in the New York Times associate this attack to a Chinese Intelligence Group who wanted to gather US citizens’ data. This could be one of the biggest cybercrime cases in the history of personal data breaches by a nation-state.


3. Facebook (2018)

The world’s biggest social network data breach exposed more than 540 million records on Amazon’s cloud computing service.


UpGuard declared in a report that two third-party Facebook app developers posted 146 gigabytes of Facebook users’ data in plain sight on Amazon’s cloud.


A Mexico based media company Cultura Colectiva was responsible for the disclosure of nearly 50 million users while Facebook has more than 2.3 billion active monthly users globally.


4. eBay (2014)

One of the biggest e-commerce stores has faced revelation of names, address, dates of birth, and encrypted passwords of all of its users in 2014. It is said that hackers utilized the credentials of three corporate employees to hack the personal data of 145 million users.


They have complete inside access for 229 days and were able to attack the user database as well.


However, tried to close the matter by stating that financial information was not compromised as this information was stored somewhere else. Employees were then asked to change their passwords accordingly.


Though the company’s CEO John Donahue said that it caused a slight impact on the bottom line and the earnings were in line as per the analysis.


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5. Yahoo (2013 – 14)

When the negotiation of selling Yahoo to Verizon in September 2016, the Internet hulk revealed that it had been a victim which should be listed in the biggest cyber crime cases in history.


A state-sponsored actor caused the data breach in 2014 which attacked 500 million users’ addresses, dates of birth and telephone numbers.


The company said that the majority of the passwords were muddled by using the robust crypt algorithm.


In December 2016, it concealed the attacked information by another group of hackers which compromised 1 billion accounts. At this time, security questions and answers were also compromised along with names, dates of birth, email address, and passwords.


Yahoo looked over the estimate in October 2017 and revised that all 3 billion user accounts had been compromised.


Concluding Remarks!

Cybercrime cases are increasing day by day becoming extravagant with high spikes of attacks. With the successive time, we need to be aware of cybercrime and should have knowledge of dealing through critical situations.


The dark word of cybercrime is full of many cases and events which is packed up in the top 5 of all times.


Not you need to gear up and shield yourself against all those making the world dark.

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