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The 10 Best Torrent Sites 2018

It’s been a while now since our last article about Torrents and many of the previous torrent websites are now down or facing problems to stay alive. We provide you with the latest list of Top 10 Best Torrent Sites of 2018 that you can rely on this year.


So we all know that Big Torrent websites have been shutting down from last year and there are not many good alternatives that we can go with. After KAT AKA Kickass Torrents shut down users moved to Torrentz – that was shut down completely the following year. Then came our Savior the Well known Extratorrents. It was a big help after KAT and torrents shutting down. But good things don’t last long; it got shut down as well this year.


Now Users like us who want to watch Movies, Listen to Music, have to download games and software stuff have to crawl the walls of the internet, search for the above the walls and find the thing we need at a nasty little website that nobody knows about now that’s a bummer.


As Torrent user we require websites that have a good repute; having quality torrents in quantity and with a good number of seeders. So here’s a list of Torrent Website having everything you need:


The Pirate Bay

Best Torrent Sites

The Pirate Bay is an old competitor to Kickass and Extratorrent, now it has become a big torrent giant after the shutdown of the two. You’ll find everything just like you got on other torrent websites.


Update 2018: Still Live and Providing its best even though there might have been some server errors. But The Pirate Bay is Still and Hopefully will be on the List of Best Torrent Sites 2018.



Best Torrent Sites

1337x comes right after The Pirate Bay, with its large amount of torrent. Providing the Daily User with the most recent and trustworthy torrent seeders.


Update 2018: 1337x is still up and quite successful due to other torrent sites going down. Quality Torrents are available here. And Most known Torrent Uploaders have chosen this as one of there main uploading platforms.



Best Torrent Sites

YTS has suggested for Movies as this website has a torrent for old and new Full HD and 3D movies. They do take some time before uploading a movie, but you know it’s going to be the best quality you’ll find out there.


Update 2018: Going Buy Many Domains; YTS has a vast amount of movie torrents available and is still adding more. You Can Trust them for High-Quality Full HD, and even 3D movies.



Best Torrent Sites

 So this is a Backup server or a proxy server of the original torrentz, it is being updated by users and has a lot of torrents with quantities of seeders.


Update 2018: Still Up And Running, Updated Content Seeders, Movies Games And All Kinds Of Other Stuff.



Kickass Kat

Kat Torrent Proxy Servers have been running around the internet for a while now I’ve been using them too. The Best thing about it you get the same stuff and quality just like the original KAT. User forums are not working in some proxies but the torrent tracking system is completely fine.


Update 2018: Don’t Worry You Haven’t Lost Kickass Torrent yet, the server is still Up and Running and You can enjoy using Kat Torrents for a while.



Best Torrent Sites

Lime Torrents is another torrent website included in the best Torrent sites with a huge torrent directory that many users like, the search results extend pages and torrents are uploaded by many, there are some trusted torrent providers you’ll know them when you start using this website.


Update 2018: LimeTorrents Inventory is still full of torrents you’d love and movies you’ve been waiting for.



Best Torrent Sites

TorrentDownloads does have a big torrent database and I suggest you give this shot if you think it’s the end. Overall the website has a really nice torrent details page and provides everything you need; even a newbie will get it.


Update 2018: Working Perfectly J.



Iso Hunt

IsoHunt has been around since 2003, but we haven’t noticed it until now. It has gone through some ups and downs but it’s still worth a try.


Update 2018: My Favorite Source For Downloading Content is Still Alive. Yayyy…




Turlock has indexed 3 million torrents and is known for having torrents in different categories. You might want to give it a try this might be the one for you.


Update 2018: Turlock Index Has grown a lot since last year and is still growing to make you check it out.




EZTV is well known for TV series torrent and I use it to download the latest episodes of Big TV Shows. It’s a good plus for GOT fans. Don’t go on the looks it does have some juice.


Update 2018: EZTV is still up and making it EASY for us to Download our favorite TV Shows and stuff.


So that’s all folks this is our list of top 10 Best Torrents Sites For 2018. Please Comment down below which one you think is the best and give your suggestions.


Also, check the list of VPNs To Download Torrents and surf the internet freely.


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Some of these lawsuits are often warning actions, files against individual users. Mostly the Offensive Actions are taken against groups of people sharing copyrighted material over the internet. Some lawsuits are targeted at individual users in an attempt to make an example of them.

These P2P civil lawsuits are very real and are often an extreme financial and emotional burden on the defendants.

And To Let You Know, Your Internet Service Provider has the right to release the history of your download and upload activity to potential copyright plaintiffs. To put it in simple words, the more you use torrents to download and upload content(copyrighted material), the more risk you have of being sued by copyright protection groups.