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Hawking’s AI Predictions
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Stephen Hawking’s AI Predictions That Will Flux Your Thoughts

The development of the full artificial intelligence could influence the annihilation of the human race. – Stephen Hawking


Professor Stephen Hawking’s AI predictions are remarkably spine-chilling to the world.


We all are well aware of the fact that the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the lifestyles of every single being. Everything is now on the taps of humans to run and function. Playing, listening, business, investments, gaming, and even the smallest event is now heavily dependent on artificial intelligence.


But as everyone knows, the excess of everything is bad. Involvement of a certain thing too often may become troublesome at a certain stage. Stephen Hawking already warned us that it can be the worst event in the history of civilization.


At the Web Summit technology conference in Lisbon, Portugal, Hawking said that:


Computers can emulate human intelligence; in theory.


He talked about the potentiality of AI to aid the damages done to the natural world. In order to eradicate poverty and diseases with nearly all aspects of society being transformed, AI could be the best tool.


But at the same time, he also disclosed that the future was uncertain and could be quite knotty. He is a little pessimist for the future in terms of incorporating artificial intelligence in every field. During a speech, Hawking said that:


Success in creating an effective AI could be the chief event in the history of civilization, or maybe worst. We just don’t know yet. So we cannot know if we will be infinitely helped by AI or be ignored by it. Or else, conceivably destroyed by it.


Stephen Hawking’s AI Predictions

If we look deeper into it, the prediction clearly states three-folded future. It can be good for the future in carrying multiple tasks and run by humans. It can also be side-lined humans and will turn them to be their slaves.


The most heart-wrenching picture is the third one which states complete destruction of the human race. But we need to be prepared for every side. The chances are equally distributed and no one cannot say precisely about this. Hawking said that:


Happening of AI can be most awful for the humans unless they prepare for its future impacts and know how to avoid the potential risks imposed by it. It brings dangers like powerful weapons or brings new ways to oppress others. It could bring a huge disruption to the blossoming economy.


Hawking’s AI Predictions


Hawking’s AI predictions clearly state that humans who are currently weaker and limited by slow biological evolution could not compete the AI and chances are they would be superseded. Hence we need to know what is AI and everything about it before entertaining them in our lives.


What Others Are Saying

But, if we see predictions by some others who are less pessimistic to the dark future, the answers are the flip-flop. Rollo Carpenter, creator of Cleverbot stated,


We will remain under the control of technology for a longer period of time. As there are many possibilities that AI will be released to solve the problems of the world.


For those who don’t know about Cleverbot, it is basically a software which learns from its past conversations. It gained high scores in the Turing test by fooling many people into believing that they are actually talking to a real person.


Hawking’s AI Predictions


Now, coming back to Hawking, he was also optimistic from the developments made by AI in the tech field. As we can see in one of his sayings,


I am an optimist and believe that we can create AI which will be good for humans. That it can work with us in great harmony. We simply need to be aware of the threats, need to identify them timely, employ the best means to lessen them through practice and management. We should also be well-prepared for the consequences imposed by it well in advance.


Well, Prof Hawking is not alone in this race. There are many renowned people who have concerned that clever machines capable of understanding tasks on their own and undertaking them done by humans until now are gradually destroying millions of jobs.


Elon Musk, the technology entrepreneur has also warned us that:


AI is our biggest existential threat. It could cause a third world war and even proposed that humans must need to merge with machines in order to remain significant in the coming time.



Not forgetting that robots were used to convert Stephen Hawking’s thoughts into words and then bring them in a robotic voice. He had been an enthusiastic early adopter of all kinds of communication technologies. But, he clearly delineates the alarming facts about AI and warned practitioners and scientists that they need to take control of their every action.


Even a single mistake could be catastrophic in the future which would become difficult to undone. Henceforth, enjoy with AI till the time came.

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