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SoftBank Flagship Store in Japan
Tokyo, Japan - June 10, 2015 : People at the SoftBank Flagship Store in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. Softbank is a mobile-phone carrier in Japan.

Softbank: Biggest Japanese Multinational Telecommunication Corporation

Established on September 3, 1981, Softbank is a Japanese Multinational Telecommunications and Internet Corporation. They have their headquarters lying in Tokyo, Japan. The company is currently working with broadband, fixed-line telecommunications, e-commerce, the Internet, technology services, finance, media and marketing, semiconductor design, and other businesses.



SoftBank History


This company founded by Masayoshi Son a mad millionaire was ranked as the 62nd largest public company in the world in the Forbes Global 2000 list Forbes Global 2000, and the third largest public company in Japan after Toyota and Mitsubishi. Between 2009 and 2014, Softbank’s market capitalization increased by 557%. It was the fourth largest relative increase in the world over that period.


Worth of SoftBank


Softbank consisting of 69,154 employees (as of 2016) is working mainly in fixed line, mobile telephony, internet services, and digital television. The company has a Revenue of ¥9.15 trillion (FY2015) and the Net income is ¥474.1 billion (FY2015). Softbank has its stores in Japan as well as in other countries.


Future Plans


For now, Softbank’s corporate profile includes many companies Japanese such as broadband company Softbank BB, data center company IDC Frontier, gaming company Gung-ho Online Entertainment, and the publishing company SB Creative. SBI Group is also a branch of Softbank. It also has partnerships with other companies Yahoo!, E-Trade, Ustream.tv, EF Education First, and Morningstar. It also has stakes in Alibaba Group and Sprint Corporation.


Softbank having no history with robots has announced a large robot that would come to its phone shops and even homes and restaurants. The robot is called Pepper the robot.



Softbank Group Corp. Chief Executive Officer Masayoshi Son has decided to invest $50 billion in startups and new companies of U.S. This would create 50,000 new job opportunities. Son has also talked to Honda’s CEO to announce a partnership aimed at developing cars that drivers can speak and interact with, using the same cloud-based processes found inside Pepper the robot.


Son is known for making bold projections about the future. In 2010, he laid out a 300-year plan for his company that involved investing in 5,000 companies by 2040 to give his unborn successors a base to build on.


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