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We Seem To Live In A Society Where Every Person Is Judged By Appearances!

Oh my God! Just look at her. Her complexion is so dark and so many pimples on her face, eww. There is just no way I’m ever going to be friends with her.


Said by a high-school pampered girl rolling her sparkling hazel eyes and in the same way every other person turned over the poor little soul.


Whether tall or short, thin or fat, fair or dark, how can you judge anyone without being in their shoes? How can you decide whether to be friend with someone by their looks? While your best friend, who is merely your everything is actually a snake. Hsss. Oops!


We seem to live in a society where every single person is judged by appearance. But how can you judge a person by taking their looks and features into notice when your looks and out featured do not tell about your personality of your character, your wisdom and the way of your thinking.


It is a piece of cake to judge a person and say,


 You are so fat, you really should join a gym.


But did you even know that she already has lost 100 pounds and is halfway across her weight loss goals? Oh, wait! Why would you care? You will be too busy commenting on others.


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Wearing glasses doesn’t make anyone a genius and neither having braces makes anyone a nerd. Having a dark complexion or imperfections don’t make anyone ugly but their character and the way of thinking surely does.


Consider ourselves when we come to this world as a blank page. We then color ourselves, the page with ink as our personality. But if we are judged by the material of the paper rather than what’s on it?


Is it fair enough? NO!


Inner beauty over rules outer beauty, don’t ever judge by appearance as it can be deceptive.


You will find ladies saying:


Oh God! You have such a dark complexion, you really should start using fairness creams or else who would marry you?


Just for a second, think about that girl. Keep yourself in her place. Her heart would have been crushed into pieces. She would think nothing of committing SUICIDE. Such judgments, such comments turn people into psychological patients and then they think nothing else than ending their lives. Well then CONGRATULATIONS to all of us. We all are murderers one way or another!


Your life and your fate are in your own hands, just because you are judged by appearance, your scars, and imperfections you can never be deprived of your rights.


You have got every right to be beautiful, successful and live a happy life. Live and let live.


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