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Now Buy and Pay With Google Pay

The topmost rivals are bringing something out of the box to amaze its users and add on more. Google Pay was actually launched in the reaction of Apple Pay. And here’s the crux of the story…


With the Apple Pay app launched in the market, a massive bulk of people rushed to it. This made Google amaze that why they are not surprising their users.


Henceforth, Google launched Google Pay which integrated all of its different services apps and services into a single product.


This was launched in the U.S. and U.K. only in the first phase which expanded to other countries later on.


Now let’s see what is it and how you can use it.


What is Google Pay?

Remember the Genie’s lamp who used to do anything wherever he was and whenever he wanted. We all secretly wished to have one.


Yeah! I know it is right. 🙂 


It seems good to have fancies but when you can actually do is the real question. To let it done so easily, Google came with a brilliant app that lets you pay to others wherever you are.


You can pay in stores, in apps, on the web, and on Google.


Now you don’t need to bring your ATM card and wallet all the way in your pocket but a light app which is simple, easy, and quick to do.


Now summarize your credit and debit cards, tickets and boarding passes, loyalty, gift cards, and many more in a protected app while getting all the perks and protection from your bank.


How to Add a Card?

To use Google Pay, you first need to add your card with some easy-peasy steps.


  1. Open Google Pay
  2. You need to add one of the payment methods from Credit or debit card or PayPal account.
  3. After selecting your desired method, press continue.
  4. Now, you can pull up your card’s information in either of the ways.
    • Enter manually.
    • Take a photo of your card by lining up your card with the frame appeared on the app which will automatically store all of its info.
  5. After entering the details, you need to select an option to get verified.
  6. Again press continue.

And tada!


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Verify Your Card

After adding the card, you need to verify it. There are two possible ways to do it. There will be a small amount deduction which will be returned after 24 hours. So don’t panic!


Now, you need to set up a method to enter the code which your bank asked. You can choose one of the 5 methods.

    1. Text message,
    2. Email,
    3. Get a phone call,
    4. Call your bank,
    5. Sign in to your bank.

You will receive a message containing your code which you need to enter and then press submit.

Pay With Google Pay

Note: In case you don’t get the code, call your bank.


That’s it!


Now you can use your card safely and securely.


Paying in-store

Once you are done with your card verification successfully, you need to do the following.


  1. Look for one of these symbols.

Buy With Google PayOr Pay With Google Pay
2. Now hold your phone over the terminal.
3. You will see a checkmark here in a few moments.
4. Your work will be done here without opening the app.


Pay Online

  1. Paying online with Google Pay is also simple-dimple. You need to look at Google Pay in your favorite sites and apps.
  2. Select the card you would use to pay or add it at checkout which will store the card for further use.
  3. Keeping your information secure, Google Pay will send the address and payment information to the merchant.
  4. When the payment transfer, confirm your purchase.

It seems swift!


buy With Google Pay


Note: There’s no need to create an account, sign-in, or do any survey.


Keep Your Info Secure

One of the main things which every user is concerned about is the security of their private information. You need to get relaxed that Google Pay does not share your account details when you are paying in-store.


To keep your info secure, the merchant gets a unique encrypted number.


Note: Download Find My Device app which helps you when you lost your phone.


Concluding Remarks

Here you get all the latest; to date; information and wanna rush towards the rich app. So what you’re waiting for?


Go and switch to Google Pay.


And don’t forget to say us a little Thanks! 😉 

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