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Learn How to Download Torrents – Torrent Beginner Guide

Downloading content from the internet is thing internet users do every day. The Internet is a really nice place if you surf it right, it has loads of information and data. Now the data include movies, videos, music and all sorts of content types. But there are some limitations to what and how we can download this stuff.


So one might want a way to download content from the internet in a way that doesn’t disturb the daily work and you can download the content without worrying a server timeout or resume capability.


So how can one download torrents from the internet to enjoy the pleasure of being worry-free and work without being the distraction of download boxes?


We’ll be using BitTorrent file sharing.


How BitTorrent File Sharing Works

BitTorrent is a P2P file-sharing protocol that lets users share files over a network. For sometime torrents have been used for downloading content over the internet, most of which is pirated content – copyrighted/paid files shared over the internet. But BitTorrent lets you download content over the internet easily and does that behind the scene so your daily work isn’t disturbed.

A Torrent is a BitTorrent File that holds the information of the tracker ( a server with info about all connected users), which lets you download the content of the torrent file from users connected to the network.

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How to Use a Torrent File – Torrent SoftwareDownload Torrents

For you to download a torrent you require a torrent software/client. A Torrent client lets you open the torrent file. Then the torrent client uses the information in the torrent file to download the content.


As the torrent clients are light-weight and consume little amount of memory and CPU, you don’t even feel them running in the background. A Torrent client lets you download and pause the file whenever you want and you can resume your download anytime from any part of the file.


Where to Download Torrents – Torrent WebsitesDownload Torrents

Now that you have a torrent client, you must know where to download a torrent from. Well, there are a lot of websites that provide torrents online. Some of which have a lot of traffic. As I’ve mentioned earlier Torrents are one of the biggest networks on the internet.


For a beginner like you must resort to the websites that are leading and are more likely to have more content that you can search from.


One You’ve Downloaded the file just open it in your torrent client. Select the path where you want to save the downloaded file and you ’re done. Sit back and relax while your content Is downloaded.


How to Spot a Fake Torrent?


Well if you’re a long-term computer user, you’ll spot a fake torrent even if it is your first time downloading one. But if you’re a beginner always check the details of the files before downloading torrent.


You just need to check if there aren’t any extra files that look like system executable files or file names that seem to look like ordinary files but their extensions are like RAR, EXE or something other then what you’re content extension may be.


For Example when downloading a movie you can check if the file extension is MP4 or MKV (usually these are the formats movie files are uploaded with), anything other then that is probably a virus or a fake torrent.


So good luck to download torrents your favorite movies and content and let us know in the comment if you find this helpful.