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The Largest Media Group “GEO NEWS”

Geo News” even just a trademark can make us realize that we are going to talk about Pakistan’s largest, vast and spacious television network.


Establishment Of  Network

Geo TV established in May 2002 is a private TV network which is founded by Mir Shakeel-ur-Rahman and owned by the independent media corporation which also owns the “Jung group of the newspaper”.


Geo started its test transmission on 14 August 2002 while the regular one was on the 1st of October 2002. It was later renamed “Geo Entertainment”.


Geo TV” has launched several other channels, Geo Entertainment, Geo News, Geo Kahani, Geo Super, Geo Tez, and Aag TV.


Geo News

Undoubtedly, “Geo Tv” is the most viewed Pakistani news channel having a massive approach to the latest news. It has an increased number of admirers in Pakistan as well as around the world apparently because of geo live on the internet.


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Achievements Of The Channel

Furthermore, on 20th April 2004 at the “National Association of Broadcasters Convention” in “Las Vegas”, Mir Ibrahim Rahman, chief executive of “Geo TV”, received an “International Broadcast Excellence Award”. Moreover, Geo was awarded a special award. Moreover, Geo was awarded a special award in 2005 at the “National TV” festival.



However, besides inferencing a lot of achievements the channel has faced various types of pressures, severe criticisms, and allegations from government and political parties. On 7th June 2014 “Geo News” was locked by “PEMRA” (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) with the assertions of slandering and maligning.


Pakistan’s leading News Channel

In short “Geo News” is the most daring, venturous and audacious news channel. No matter how much adversity has approached the channel it has always continued the job with strong dedication and venturesome spirit. It has continued reporting up keeping the real spirit of journalism. All these admirable completions have made the “Geo News” Pakistan’s leading news channel.


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