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is torrenting illegal in 2019
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Is Torrenting Legal or Illegal?

Besides the fact that Torrenting is an interesting act; it has many serious issues regarding its legality. It gives you pleasure but on the other side, it may cause a severe problem for you in which slowing down the internet connection is the least one. The main question is “Is torrenting illegal in 2019 or a little legal in some places?” for which answers chiefly relies on three spots.


This article is going to utterly unveil all threesome circumstances. Many other areas have junks of issues regarding the legality of using torrents. So! Let’s jump on various phenomenal aspects of torrent permissibility “Is torrenting illegal in 2019?”


Rationalizing Torrents

On the record; the complete torrent process itself is not illegal. All the P2P file sharing, torrent mechanism and using a torrent client is categorically legal. But due to downloading of an unsanctioned copyrighted content by a gigantic bulk of users; left this progression illegal. Torrents are a major contributor to spreading content across all stations.


However; unauthorized proprietary usage brought Government agents and copyright trolls to catch end users illegally using such content by the dispersal of pirated materials.


Here comes a triangle of crystal clear schemas; interestingly depend on you and your location.


Rightfulness of Torrenting

When you are sharing a file, folder or anything on Torrent for which you possess its copyright; then you are doing it legally. All the files and all data inside those files that you have created and you are the owners of those files then only you are legally permitted to use those files while Torrenting. So torrent is legal in that way.


For instance; you have written a book and you are the sole legatee holding all copyrights. Now you’ve uploaded the content making it freely available across the globe. Any person; anywhere in the world; downloads it and reads it for free; the whole scenario is entirely legal. Neither you nor the person in this loop can face any sort of piracy issue. And that’s a win-win situation.


Likely to Be Caught

For sharing, copying or snapping a file which is not authorized to you; like software, music, movies, games, cracked applications or alike content; is a crime. Over such downloads on which you don’t have legal permits for any kind of use (for free) via torrent then take a pause here. That’s absolutely illegal to use copyrighted content and by doing so; you are moving towards a crunch of danger.


If the ISP and copyright trolls track down your Torrent process and find yourself unwittingly on the wrong side of the law; they can charge serious actions against you.


Yeah! You’ve read it right. Using copyrighted content without getting any permit may enter you in the vicious circle of piracy; causing alarming trouble for you with very much chances of – a warning letter, throttling of your internet connection or penalize by fine.


Imagine! Someday a police officer coming to your house and bashing your door saying that you’ve downloaded an illegal file; which is highly unlikely. As there are limited chances of such big police investigation happenings that may land you in the dire straits. Usually; the owners of the site shut the site down before the expiry of their copyrights. But having a copied website of the torrent client will give you a sigh of relief to continue your torrenting.


How to Trick Piracy?

The country piracy laws; varies case by case; in which you are residing or currently using that torrent; limits its use. The copyright trolls; on the same side; are on their way to snap up any illegal action by peers or seeders. On the long race: You; first and foremost; need to check the Country’s Law Pursuits for torrenting.


For the purpose to put yourself out from the hoop of danger; you need to stop your seeding which stops your PC to upload files on the torrent network.


Another way to make yourself in a safer zone is by using an authentic VPN service to spoof your current online location to another area where torrenting is legal. Hiding your IP address lands you in the world of the torrent by concealing your internet activities.


There is another option to use Onion Routing Network (Tor) helps as a backup plan for your internet client.


Cutting Long Story Short

Torrenting; by far; has become the most essential need of every next person. You can have thousands of files and multi natured content through Torrent Sites. The wise selection of a torrent site is above all; giving you a platform to grab your favorite material.


But significantly considering your locality laws and copyrighted material; will pull you out from the swamp of dangers. After reading this, you should be able to decide by yourself to give a justified answer to the main question “Is torrenting illegal in 2019?”


Substantially! There are two chapters of the book. The Good and the Bad One. You need to read thoroughly each chapter and decide whether you have been doing it right or not. This is the time to take a neat start without getting into the hassles of piracy and pirated content. Feel fresh like out of the cage and start Torrenting.


Disclaimer: Grey Readers categorically not promote any illegal sharing. Please check your country’s bylaws before downloading any content through torrent.