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How to Install Apache Server (XAMPP) on Windows 7, 8, 10

When I was a beginner in web development, I have to test the site on my device. For testing the site on local or developer’s computer, we can’t just rely on the code to work properly, we need to check it for errors/bugs. In order to test a website, we need a local server. Well, there is much software which can help us in testing, but we are going to discuss Apache Server as it is most commonly used, it’s easy to set up and is compatible with all Operating Systems.

Install Apache Server on Windows

Windows is not Unix-based, so there is no command code to install Apache. Fortunately, there are many install wizards that have things like Apache, MySQL, and PHP together to make our lives easier. One of them is XAMPP.

Note: XAMPP is also available for Linux & Mac OS X

Step 1: Download XAMPP

Download the Windows version of XAMPP from their Website
Download from here.

Step 2: XAMMP Installation

After downloading run the setup wizard. A window like this will open.

xampp installation

Click Next

Now Select Apache to install it, if you want to use database features as well then select MYSQL too. And hit Next, continue to the installation and click finish when complete. The XAMPP control panel will start automatically by default.

xampp installation

Now click on the start button in front of Apache and MYSQL if you’re using it.
xampp installation

Step 3: Configuration

Now open your favorite browser and then type in the URL box “” or “localhost”, you should see the XAMPP configuration page if not please reinstall the software and try again.

xampp configuration

Step 4: Testing

Create a new web page, the procedure is the same. Open notepad and create a sample HTML file. Name it “hello.html.”

HTML testing

Save the file to the XAMPP document root that is

xampp root folder

To view your file open your browser again and type in “localhost/hello.html”

xampp localhost installation

And You’re Done, You have successfully installed and used Apache Server in Windows.

Apache Server is best at what it does but it sure lacks a lot of features to as many Windows Authentications. But it integrates on all platforms that’s why it’s considered the best and if you’re into testing and developing of basic and complex websites it sure is the best thing for you.

Watch this Video on How to Install Local Server on Windows.

Video Tutorial: