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How BitTorrent File Sharing Works?

You’ve heard of the word Torrent somewhere on the internet. But you don’t know what it means. Torrent or a Torrent File is a file that stores the metadata/location of a certain file/folder on one or many computers for BitTorrent to download from.

Now, What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent File Sharing

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer (P2P) communications protocol used to share data over a network or the internet. Created by Programmer Bram Cohen and released on July 2nd 2001. BitTorrent became popular when it was being used for sharing video files over the internet. BitTorrent Networks grew at a large scale. And a lot of BitTorrent clients emerged that helped users to download content from the internet.

How BitTorrent Works?

BitTorrent works on a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol. First, a file is placed on one computer on the network and the file location is shared with other computers on the network via a Torrent File. Then all other computers on the network can download the file. Users don’t need to worry about any download time limits or anything. The File download can be paused or resumed at any point.

BitTorrent File Sharing Vs Normal File Downloading

BitTorrent File Sharing

Normally, when we download a file from a website on the internet.  We Download files from the server of the website that has the file on it. We send a request and the server responds us with the file. Now we are only downloading the file from a single source and if that source is turned off or the server goes offline we cannot download the file anymore.

BitTorrent File Sharing

But in BitTorrent File Sharing the file is downloaded on more than one computer and the metadata/location of the file is stored in a torrent file. Then when someone wants to download that file he can download the torrent file to get the location of the file and download a copy of that file.

Through these multiple copies of the same file is created on different computers and it creates more than one source for users to download the file.

When one user on the network/internet downloads the file he can give access to the file on the internet so other users can download the file as well.

What is a BitTorrent Client?

BitTorrent File Sharing

To download a torrent file we need a BitTorrent Client. A BitTorrent client is a software that decodes a “.torrent” file and downloads the file specified in it. The client first contacts the tracker defined in the torrent file for connected computers containing that specific file. And then builds a bridge to connect these computers to start sharing the file.

Users aren’t actually downloading the file from the tracker. The Tracker only tracks the connected users for a torrent. The tracker connects the users to each other to share the file.

Seeders and Leechers

The Users that are connected to the network and are downloading the files from it are called Leechers or peers. And the Users that have downloaded the file but are still connected to the network are called Seeders. A Torrent with more seeders has more computers in the network and files are downloaded much faster than a low seeders torrent. Leechers can affect the total upload bandwidth of the seeders as the bandwidth won’t allow more than limited users to download files.

So always look for a torrent with more seeders and around the same number of or fewer leechers.

Is BitTorrent File Sharing Legal?

Now you have heard that “Torrent is illegal” or “Torrent banned”. That’s because sharing of copyrighted content over the internet is against the law and sharing of any type of copyright-protected content can result in a lawsuit.

But Torrent is really not illegal. It was meant to be used for sharing files between users. Many companies use the BitTorrent file-sharing protocol to provide updates to their software and games. Some Companies uses BitTorrent to share data with their employee network.

But Nowadays BitTorrent is mostly used for piracy. There are tons of websites that provide pirated movies, games and software. And some are still being banned.

So that’s all for today. Comment your Thoughts and Suggestions down below.