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Android phone missing calls
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How to avoid Android phone missing calls while it doesn’t ring

It is disturbing when you don’t know what you’re getting calls on your phone. There must be some problems in your cell which cause your Android phone missing calls.


There are many reasons due to which an Android phone stops ringing when it gets a call.


  • It might be damaged physically or attacked by some malicious malware.
  • Another reason could be the silenced ringtone you would have set unintentionally.
  • Your Android phone is on the Airplane or Do Not Disturb mode.
  • You might have set the enabled call forwarding.
  • Another thing could be the issue with a third-party app you must be using.

Check Volume Settings

There are four sliders in any typical Android phone which are: call volume, ring volume, media volume, and alarm volume.


Call volume is what you need to adjust sounds during a call. Ring volume is to adjust the incoming call tune. Likewise, media alarm volume is to adjust your audio player and alarm rings respectively.


You need to check if you are listening to other ringtones or not. If you are using a third-party ringtone then try to use a built-in one.


Or else, try to change the ringtone to a higher note.

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Turn off Airplane Mode

Just check that you are not using your phone while it is on airplane mode. This mode sends the phone calls directly to your voicemail. To check this:


  • Pull down the phone’s screen to go to Quick Access


  • Go to Settings and then Networks & Internet and click Airplane Mode
  • Toggle it off.


Disable Do Not Disturb

This feature disables the ringtones of all calls and other notifications. If your Android phone is missing calls then you probably have turned in on. To check this:


  • Go to your phone’s Settings and click Sounds
  • Turn on Do Not Disturb

Android phone missing calls

Turn-Off Call Forwarding

Google Voice or alike apps use this to forward voicemails. Make sure that this is mode is turned off otherwise it will forward your incoming calls to a third-party app like Skype.


New Android phones have a call forward setting available at app settings.


Check Anti-Virus Protection

Most of the time, when people download a lot of apps, some malware entered their way into their Android phones causing serious problems.


You need to do some tweaks here and there to remove the malicious apps from your phone. Rebooting is a good way to identify the issue.


Other Options

The most common and prioritize step is to restart your Android phone causing missing calls. This fixes many problems even if you are not aware of them


You can also do a factory reset which will remove the infected apps and other malicious data.


Note: Always back up your phone before doing any important step.


If all the above-mentioned steps fail, there must be physical damage causing this kinda problem. Contact the manufacturer to get it repaired or even replaced if necessary.


Key Note
  • These are common issues and can be happened on any Android phone regardless of their operating system and brand. Only Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later has the Do Not Disturb mode.
  • If you are using stock or modified version of Android then the layout of your settings app will vary accordingly.

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