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Cybercrime Techniques Then and Now

The dark side has always in the picture right nearby glow. Whenever cybercrime is discussed, cybercrime techniques and tricks are the hottest topics with them. Hence, cybercrime is generally associated with computers as it happens from them and now travel from them.


We all know that the abacus was the earliest form of the computer for centuries. But, how many of you are aware that when the first cyber-crime took place in history ever?


I bet none of you. Now, please don’t Google. I Gotcha!


Now, as a starter, I’m gonna tell you when and how the first cyber-crime happened.


First Cybercrime in History

The first-ever recorded cybercrime did happen in the year 1820. Computers have been in operations since 3500 B.C. in China, Japan, and India but today what we see as computers are the analytical engine of Charles Babbage.


It so happened that a textile manufacturer in France produced a loom in 1820 which allowed the repetitive series of steps in the weaving of a special kind of fabric. The manufacturer named; Joseph Marie Jacquard; wanted to speed up the weaving process.


This threatened the employees as they were seeing this as a kick which will blow off their employees and lower down their livelihood.


As a result, they started to sabotage the Jacquard’s initiative to discourage him from further usage. This is how the first recorded cyber crime happened!


Moreover, the first-ever known cyber-attack in history was Morris Worm which was the sort of computer worms distributed through the internet in 1988. This attack was the first to gain media attention.


But after 2 centuries, technology has covered a huge milestone that has clearly changed the picture of the computer and what it can do. Now, Neural Networks and Nano Computing are capable of turning all the atoms in a glass of water into a computer making them powerful enough to operate billions of functions per second.


Mind freaking! This leads to never-ending cybercrime techniques we are still facing.


Here are some interesting facts about the shapes, techniques, and strengths of cybercrime techniques then and now.


How Cybercrime Is Done: Everything You Need To Know


Emerging Cybercrime Techniques 

Primarily the commerce industries; along with other industries; are consistently emerging with the suppliers, markets, service providers, financing, trading systems, and a proliferation of business structures.


This vital platform has been fuelled by the use of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin which is the golden gate for cybercriminals to enter heaven.


Earlier, snatching of a bulky wallet was enough but now criminals are targeting the mass of credit cards, personal information, and other sensitive data by implementing a deadly attack named Ransomware.


This has led to decrypting the contents of a user’s device and asking for sensitive and irrational demands.


cybercrime techniques
Courtesy: Blue-Pencil


Internet of Things Threats

Industries are now shifting towards technological patterns that are more vulnerable to cybercrime. In earlier, IoT enabled devices were at the peak target to be hit by a cybercriminal.


But, the recent surveys showed that these devices have been free of large scale hacks. The reason is that hackers and cybercriminals are now want something out of the box.


Mere hacking a device is not what we may call a Bon Appetite. Instead, they are targeting the chain of organizations like Marriott hotels to fulfill their guts.


It is expecting an emerging threat to the self-driving cars that a hacker can send an SMS to the car system or can operate it as he wants. In this case, the car manufacturing companies need to plug the security holes throughout the systems.


VPNFilter Malware

The VPN filter malware shook the cybersecurity industry with the most wide-spread attack was the new entry in cybercrime. Unlike past results, cybercrime just needs a code to attack thousands of unsuspecting small offices and consumer users lacking with efficient cybersecurity system.


The malware outbreaks like WannaCry and NotPetya still not as dangerous in terms of distribution volume and impact as the VPNFilter and other complicated cyber attacks.


Surely, 2018 was the year full of higher-level targeted attacks, mostly on the vulnerable. It was estimated in 2018 that this malware affected more than 500,000 routers worldwide.


It has the capability to delete personal/sensitive data, steal data, and can disable the infected router through kill switch.


Fast Facts


  • 51% Directors reported that they are “very confident” about their companies and they are found secured against a cyberattack as they should be.
  • 15% Directors are “very satisfied” with the cybersecurity information quality of their companies.
  • 53% cyberattacks first identified by the third parties or law enforcement agencies rather than the attacked organization.
  • 146 are the median number of days a company is compromised before getting to know that they are cyberattacked.
  • $2 trillion is the projected annual cost of cybercrime by 2019.


Source: NACD

Courtesy: Brink News


More Awareness Among People

If we look at the cybercrime flight, there is a sharp increase in the understanding, knowledge, and awareness of cybercrime among companies. It is surprising to know that there are more companies that have cybersecurity systems incorporated in their core structures.


People are now more aware of dealing with cybercrime and are now devising policies around passwords.


This can be seen in the updated edition of the Director’s Handbook on Cyber-Risk Oversight by NACD and Internet Security Alliance (ISA). People are now more confident about their protected business environments.


Concluding Remarks!

With the spookily day by day rise in the underworld of cybercrime techniques, people are getting knowledge of how to protect themselves and their organizations from cybercrime. As the system or a device is not weak…


People are!


Hence, there need to be solid walls and much awareness among masses that will not give any void to enter cybercrime. Now let’s see what is new to experience.

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