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Gary McKinnon – The Biggest Military Computer Hacker of All Times

Once a Scottish systems administrator hacked the US military computers that caused them serious issues while shutting them down for a few hours. The Scottish hacker named Gary McKinnon was the mastermind of the biggest military computer hack of all time. He was the biggest military computer hacker of all time.


It so happened that Mr. McKinnon launched a website Small SEO where he charges £40 per hour to optimize a website and rank it in search results.


SEO (search engine optimization) is the strategy to optimize a website to make it appear on Google and other search results by giving it a good rank.


McKinnon said that he has 20 years of IT services experience and is exceptional is doing SEO.


Besides his work, McKinnon was indulged in doing alleged and illegal practices where he hacked US government computers. Sunday Times reported bringing this into the news for the first time.


Biggest Military Computer Hacker

McKinnon was so obsessed with his profession that he hacked into 97 US military and NASA computers in a short time period of 13 months.


He used a name Solo and did all these alleged crimes at his girlfriend’s aunt’s house in London.


He was accused of deleting the military files containing critical information through their operating systems. This caused the shutting down of a network of 2,000 computers of the United States Army’s Military District of Washington for 24 hours.


He posted a note on the military’s website:

Your security is crap.


After the incidence of the September 11 attacks in 2001, he deleted weapon logs at the Earle Naval Weapons Station by rendering the network of 300 computers inoperable. With that, he crippled the munitions supply deliveries for the US Navy’s Atlantic Fleet.


He copied all the data, account files, passwords of the systems he hacked onto his own computer. His damages caused $700,000 cost to get tracked and corrected to the US authorities.


McKinnon left a threat on one computer stating that:

US foreign policy is the same as the government-sponsored terrorism these days … There was not a mistake that last year on September 11 there was a huge security stand down … I’m SOLO and I’ll continue disrupting at the highest levels …


A military officer at Pentagon told The Sunday Telegraph:

McKinnon was trying to downplay his actions. US policy is fighting against these attacks as strong as possible. This was not a harmless event, we suffered serious damages. He did very critical and deliberate damage to the military and NASA computers.

He left silly and anti-American messages. All these evidences and proofs showed that someone was staging a quite hefty attack on US computer systems.


In response to a question about his search of UFOs in NASA’s systems, he said that:

I’ve found The Disclosure Project. This is basically a book of 400 testimonials from air traffic controllers to those who are responsible for launching the nuclear missiles. These are very credible witnesses. They talk about the technology which is reverse engineered and is taken from the destroyed or captured alien craft.



On October 16, 2012, McKinnon was released by the statement of the Britain Home Secretary, Theresa May who withdrew her extradition order to the United States. She said:

He should be permitted to stay in the UK as per human rights grounds. His medical reports said that he could kill himself if extradited.


McKinnon was facing extradition since 2002 and has Asperger syndrome – a form of autism. In the following month, McKinnon was told that he could start his work with computers and that he would not face any charge from any government in the UK.


The director of Public Prosecutions ruled that Mr. McKinnon will not face any charge in the UK which closed his 10 years of extradition battle.


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Who is Gary McKinnon?

Gary McKinnon is a computer administrator. He is best known as a computer hacker.  Born in Glasgow UK in 1966, Gary first landed in the profession of a hairdresser but later on his friends urged him to get a degree in computers.


He then started his career doing some contractual work in the computing field.


By the end of the 1990s, McKinnon decided to hack into the US governments by utilizing his hacking skills and get some insights of the US Officials holding the critical information about UFOs.


His assumptions turned into his belief and his search turned into his obsession which led him towards the biggest military computer hack.


He said:

I was convinced that some secretive parts of the American government intelligence agencies have accessed to the crashed extra-terrestrial technology. This could save us by providing a free, clean, pollution-free energy.

NASA engineer will be guiding Uber in developing the flying cars


McKinnon Extradition Fight

March 2002 Arrested by British police
2002 Accused in the US states of Virginia and New Jersey for computer-related crimes on eight counts
2005 US authorities begin extradition proceedings
May 2006 Bow Street Magistrates’ Court judge rules that McKinnon should be extradited
July 2006 John Reid (Home Secretary, UK) signed an order to allow McKinnon extradition to the US
April 2007 High Court dismissed the legal challenge against extradition
July 2008 McKinnon lost Law Lord’s appeal against extradition
August 2008 European Court of Human Rights said to not avert extradition
August 2008 McKinnon diagnosed with Asperger syndrome
October 2008 Jacqui Smith (Home Secretary, UK) gave continuation for extradition
February 2009 Crown Prosecution Service refused to charge against McKinnon in the UK as an alternative to the US prosecution
October 2009 Alan Johnson (Home Secretary, UK) said to study new medical evidence
May 2010 The coalition was elected and Theresa May promised to look into the matter
May 2011 Barack Obama said to give respect to the British legal process
July 2012 McKinnon refused new medical tests
October 2012 Theresa May withdrew McKinnon extradition

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