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Best VPNs for Downloading Torrents Online 2018

Many of us are downloading content from the internet using P2P file sharing or torrents. Although torrenting isn’t completely illegal but downloading copyrighted content over the internet is a serious crime. But To Use it for a helpful cause like spreading smiles over the internet using a cute baby video its something we do like.

But for some of our friends that live in countries where torrent are banned and cannot download those smile spreading videos. We bring you this article for Best VPNs for Downloading Torrents Online 2018 – Especially those Cute Baby Videos Wink 😉

 The VPN Services providers in this list are selected according to most user reviews and positive ranking.

  1. ExpressVPN

  2. Best VPNs for Downloading Torrents

    ExpressVPN provides the best torrenting experience with the high speed connectivity on all servers. User looking to download torrents and live video streaming can rely on express vpns fast internet connections. It not only provide  good speed but also protects your IP location.

    With its unlimited bandwidth you can download torrents stress-free. ExpressVPN doesn’t take logs of users connected to its servers nor does it takes any kind of IP info on the user.

    With Super Fast servers over more than 90 countries. It Allows you to connect 3 devices simultaniously. With a Mobile app and extensions for firefox and chrome.

  3. IPVanish

  4. Best VPNs for Downloading Torrents

    IPVanish is one of the top VPN service providers, with P2P file sharing available on all servers. Over 950 Servers on 60 different countries. Users can enjoy fast and safe torrent downloading with basic encryption to 256 bit encyption security levels. With over 950 servers to select from users can choose servers with less traffic and download torrents faster then usual.

    IPVanish Doesn’t makes any user logs and provides excellent downlaod speeds over the internet.

    IPVanish currently allows support for 5 devices per license. And it does have a mobile app to go with it.

  5. Private Internet Access(PIA)

  6. Best VPNs for Downloading Torrents

    PIA  provides high speed unlimited bandwidth torrent downloading servers. And is one of the top vpn providers out there. PIA has designed special servers for torrenting so it routes its torrent download requests from servers at unrestricted locations. So Users can download unlimited torrents without worrying.

    PIA is also known for its privacy, as it has a strick no-logging policy and there exists not a single record of users connected to its servers.

    PIA Allows 5 devices per license and it does has a mobile app. Its not very costly but it does serves your buck.

  7. NordVPN

  8. Best VPNs for Downloading Torrents

    NordVPN is among the top vpn providers due to its more secure torrenting experience. With over 2200 servers  around the globe, NordVPN providers excelent performance over P2P file sharing.

    With End to End encryption of data and smooth internet speeds NordVPN provides a worry free experience to its users. NordVPN currently has servers in 61+ countries.

    It has a fantastic desktop aswell as mobile app that lets you use NordVPN on 6 devices.

  9. Buffered

Best VPNs for Downloading Torrents

Buffered offers fast speeds, unlimited torrent bandwidth and 256 bit encryption. Buffered Provides one of the best torrent downloading experience available via a VPN.

Buffered has servers in over 46 countries around the globe. And has one of the best customer support and refund policy. User reviews are great and it doesn’t have a bandwidth on downloading via P2P networks.

Though there is no mobile app so you need to setup the vpn manually but you can connect 5 devices at once.

This concludes our list of best VPN providers on the internet. Make Sure to comment down below your favorite VPN for downloading torrents. And We’ll add that to this list.

Disclaimer: Grey Readers doesn’t allow or promote illegal sharing of any type of copyrighted/sensitive material online.