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Top 8 Best uTorrent Alternatives To Download Torrents

To download torrents (Torrent files) require a torrent client/software. There are many in the market just like uTorrent. uTorrent is indeed on our list of top 5 Best Torrent Clients/Softwares. But some may like to use something with the same features or with something much more better than uTorrent.

Even though uTorrent works just fine and lightweight. But one might want to have something that provides more features. Before going further, this list sorted from many suggestions. If you want to add, please email us.

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Top 8 Best uTorrent Alternatives

1. BitTorrentutorrent alternative

Just like uTorrent, BitTorrent is the official torrent client developed by BitTorrent Technologies Inc.

But unlike uTorrent, BitTorrent is full of features. With skin and features personalizations. Fast torrent downloading, An easy to use user interface – just like uTorrent. It also has a private torrent search engine. You can consider downloading BitTorrent if you just want more features and customizable options.

2. Vuzeutorrent alternative

Vuze is around for a while now. It has been one of the top torrent clients for some time.

Vuze offers a lot of features as uTorrent does. Like an easy to use interface, search for torrents, fast multi-stream downloads and download management. On top of all that Vuze provides a built-in media player that you can use to view media files. Vuze provides another feature that allows you to play media on other devices as well. You can also preview video files while they are downloading.

3. qBitTorrentutorrent alternative

qBitTorrent is among the best torrent clients. It is simple, easy to use and its interface is similar uTorrent and
BitTorrent. But somehow in terms of usage and features, it sits right in the middle.

It offers high-speed torrent downloading, torrents search, media player, data encryption and prioritization of torrent wishlist downloading. Other than that qBitTorrent use less memory and CPU usage that is bearly noticeable.


utorrent alternative

Deluge is a free open source torrent client.

It is easy to use and consumes less processing power and memory. It allows you to schedule torrent downloads while you’re away. It also encrypts the torrent downloading so you don’t need any VPN service while downloading torrents. It also allows you to remote access to private torrents.


utorrent alternative

BitComet is another torrent client on the internet. If you’re a hardcore torrent downloader and doesn’t care about
the interface, BitComet is the right one for you. It offers fast downloading, improved seeding, sharing and preview options for video torrents with advanced downloads management.


utorrent alternative

Tribler is a fast and lightweight torrent client. It allows you to download and watch the torrent file at the same time. It has built-in onion routing and hidden seeding.

With its uncensored search for torrents feature, you can download torrent anonymously. It is simple, easy to use interface allows beginners as well as pro users to download and manage torrents easily.


utorrent alternative

Transmission is a well-known torrent downloading software for both windows and mac. Mac users might want to try transmission first as it provides fast download and secure multistream downloading capabilities.

Transmission doesn’t provide other features like media streaming a catchy UI stuff. But it does the torrent downloading stuff pretty well.


utorrent alternative

Tixati is a fast torrent downloading program. It doesn’t have fancy controls or features but it is best for downloading torrent over the internet. It uses multi-stream downloading to download large files. It is lightweight, fast and consumes less system power.

Tixati offers a simple and smooth user interface. Without any ads and other stuff. it has some really cool representation of download charts. Indeed its made for professional torrent users.

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