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5 Best Torrent Websites for Games 2019

So you’re a gamer and looking for a website to download games. But downloading games from websites that are out; these are all either fake or the games you downloaded isn’t working or maybe there is a download limit on how long you can download the files from that website.


Well, don’t worry my readers. I’ve summed up the Top 5 Best Torrent Websites for Games 2018.


Why choose torrent over the old fashioned way? Well, torrent allows you to download content over the internet via P2P file-sharing system. So you are downloading the file from different servers/computers at once and don’t need to worry about the time limit or download bandwidth. You can stop or resume your download of Torrent at any time without getting worried.


So here’s a list of Top 5 Best Torrent Websites for Games 2018.

1. IsoHunt

best torrent websites for games

IsoHunt is one of the top torrent websites in 2018. It is well known for torrent in different categories of content. But it is also well known for torrents in games. You can download different games in the shape of torrent files.


2. GamesTorrents

best torrent websites for games

GamesTorrents as the name suggests this website was meant to be for game torrents. You can find many different torrents for games and this is one of the first destinations for the Torrent of high-end games to appear on the internet. It has detailed info on each game a user’s based support system – comments section.


3. LimeTorrents

best torrent websites for games

LimeTorrents also in our list of top 5 torrent websites for games 2018. Lime torrents are included in this list because it has a vast inventory of torrent files be it games, movies, TV shows, and stuff. Due to its vast inventory and verified torrents, it can be used for reliable and fast games download.


4. 1337x

best torrent websites for games

1337x is indeed came up in a lot of articles recently but that’s because of its popularity among torrent users. And because of it having one of the most active torrent user-base you can find torrent related to any torrent category. So you must give 1337x a shot for downloading your favorite game.


5. Seed Peer

best torrent websites for games

SeedPeer is one torrent search engine for downloading content with over three million torrents indexed. SeedPeer can have the most amazing games and other torrents. As it doesn’t have much ads and pop-ups people consider its search and torrents reliable than other torrent sites.


Torrent Tip: Always check the torrents, no. of seeders and users comment section to know if that torrent is worth downloading.


That’s all for our 5 Best Torrent Websites for Games 2018. Make sure to comment down one of your favorites in the comment section.

Disclaimer: Any opinion and view represent here are purely subjective. Please know that Greyreaders does not condone the illegal sharing of copyrighted files. Kindly check the legality of using torrent in your country.