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Top 10 Best Torrent Sites To Download Torrents (2019)

Best torrent sites have been shutting down from last year and there are not many good alternatives that we can go with. After KAT AKA Kickass Torrents shut down, which was considered best torrent site, users moved to Torrentz – that was shut down completely in this following year.


We usually want to watch movies, listen to Music, have to download games and software stuff have to crawl the walls of the internet, search for the above the walls and find the things, we need at a nasty little website that nobody knows about now that’s a bummer.


When we talk about best torrent sites, we came up with this mind, that have a good repute, having quality torrents in quantity and with a good number of seeders.


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Note: All torrent sites given below are working, at least as of the last update to this page. Let us know if we need to delete or add to the list.


Top 10 Best Torrent Sites:

Torrent SitesAlexa Rank Estimated Monthly Visitors
KAT AKA Kickass Torrent 511023,257,619
The Pirate Bay 1068,706,259,939
Lime Torrents 1271239,347,078
Torrent Funk420023,713,593


The Pirate Bay

As of mid-2017, The Pirate Bay has been on top of all torrent website lists after Extratorrent and kat torrent shutdown. You can find quality torrents of the latest movies, music, tv shows and much more.


It was once a competitor but now it’s a winner, we can call it the “The Torrent Master” for 2018. Due to its main competitors shutting down Pirate Bay now has an average of around more than 8 billion visitors monthly.



RarBG originated in Bulgaria, started as a torrent tracker in 2008. It is well known for movies and TV shows. Movie pirates from around the globe started to head towards this torrent giant for movie torrents after the leading torrent website went to the trash. (Who brought the Kickass down?).


Their torrent is also available on other torrent indexed sites. It has an average monthly audience of 1.2 Billion. Its search engine is easy to use and well sorted.



1337x has been around for a long time but has gotten its status on this list after some leading competitors were shut down. People used it and found it was a great help after all torrent website being brought down.


1337x has a nice and arranged torrent search engine and providing the latest torrents of different categories all sorted. With around 1 billion monthly visitors 1337x become one of the top 5 on this list.



RuTracker aka torrents.ru is a Russian torrent website. It has gained a lot of traffic and became one of the top 50 best torrent sites in Russia and among the top 500 globally.


RuTracker is banned in different locations like the US, UK but users can use a proxy to visit the site anytime. It is known because of its active users. With 1 billion monthly views, RuTorrents made its mark in many top torrent websites.



Torrentz2 is a proxy/backup server of the well-known torrent giant – Torentz. They shut down on there own after kickass torrent was brought down. But after a few weeks, some of their former employees started the website backup server on torrentz2.


With the number of torrents indexed through sites, they have started to gain attention – a lot. With an average of 1 billion visitors per month and a lot of big torrent websites indexed, Torrentz2 has regained its value in user opinions with high-quality seeders.



YTS Torrents AKA YIFY-Torrents is referred to as the best movie torrents providers. They upload torrents on different torrent websites like The Pirate Bay, Katcr, 1337x and others.


You can expect the highest quality results in even HD movies. With a monthly audience of around 1 billion and tons of movie torrents on their website. YTS is said to be the best movie torrent provider.


Lime Torrent

Lime Torrents is another torrent website with a huge torrent directory that many users like, the search results extend pages. It has some verified torrents and indexed from different sites, this thing mark it on this list. Now it has more than 20 million visitors per month.



Torrents.me indexes the popular and private torrents trackers into torrents multi-search. You can always consider searching for a torrent on torrents.me if you can’t find it yourself. With over 54 million visitors per month and positive user reviews.



Torrentfunk is famous for its torrent reviews, user rating and comments on torrents. It provides verified torrents from different torrent sites. The best part about this is the torrent recommendation feature, that provides you similar torrents.


Kat AKA Kickass

Kat AKA Kickass torrent is a proxy/backup server for Kickass Torrents. It has a huge amount of torrents and sites indexed. And users are still updating the site. So we can still have a good taste of the very old Kickass Torrents. It has average 23 million monthly visitors per month.

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