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Best Torrent Sites for Sports

During a crucial time where Manchester United F.C. require a single goal to beat Real Madrid C.F. and you are seeing Ronaldo taking in action to give a hit and crawling underneath the junks of powerful competitors. And here he’s on his way to head on the ball to goal but. Bam! Someone just hit you and snatch your remote to watch another sport.


This will give you a jerk. Right! But hang on. Your siblings’ fight is sorted out perfectly by none other than Best Sports Torrent Sites.


Where torrent is full of multi natured websites to host different platforms across the globe then how can it forget its sports’ lovers. Besides giving an enjoyable time; sporting also gives shivering attacks during your favorite sports be it – Football, Volley Ball, Cricket, Tennis, Hand Ball, Basket Ball, Wrestling, Boxing, Marathon or other extreme sports.


So why let anyone give you halt to watch their favorite players? Torrent is the forerunner that excites you by giving plenty of useful sites to brighten up your mood. The article is going to bring to light the Top Best Torrent Sites for Sports. Here we go!


XtremeWrestlingTorrents (XWT) – Wrestling Torrents

Lists torrents for wrestling films, documentaries, interview, and some boxing stuff; XWT torrent tracker is solely dedicated to Wrestling. It is the oldest internal tracker for multiple release groups specializing in boxing torrents, WWE, MMA, Lucha libre torrent, mixed material arts, and all boxing contents. With its sister site XWT-Classics (which require separate registration) which is on your go for combat sports.


Having many seeders/lechers on big file torrents; it’s not hard to maintain the ratio. By registering to Seedbox IP first, you can snatch newly uploaded torrent file. Whether you’re looking for mainstream, independent or international wrestling material, the site has got it all.


Ten Yard Tracker – Football Torrents

A private sports tracker for Sports which is specialized in American Football torrent of all kinds. Offering NFL, UFL, CFL, and other football leagues along with NCAA, TYT also offers high school and international leagues. TYT community provides TYT forums as its core for users to share and talk about football. With seeders/leechers ratio of 22.05 and current registration of users’ limit reaching to 100000; the site has been temporarily suspended for further account creation.


Torrent File Sharing: A Beginner’s Guide

Racing For Me (RFM) – Racing Torrents

One of the most popular torrent site to provide car and motor contesting content is RFM. Tracking all kinds of motorsports like F1, MotoGB, Nascar, American Open Wheelers, Rally, Truck Racing, Racing Documentaries and more; the site is specialized in thrilling racing lovers in every resolution and framerate. Shutbox and forums are not very active with 10 to 15 posts per day on average.


The main feature of this site is Race Calendar through which you can get dates of upcoming motorsports event and member(s) that will capture or upload it on site.


T3nnis – Tennis Torrents

The site is specialized in offering international tennis videos, all major ATP and WTA tournaments, highlights, related TV shows and even tennis movies that have been around for more than 9 years now. With basic stylesheet and active community; the site offers 2GB upload credit after signing up. Proving in high definition and even 3D, the site tracks all related matches as well as old matches. The site is a ratio based tracker for which you should always achieve a minimum of 1.0 ratio.


Sport Video – Basketball Torrents

Majorly focusing on all ball games the site is in full action since its launch. Besides providing torrent downloads in Basketball games; the site also provides HD videos for Football, Baseball, Hockey, American Football, Handball and Rugby matches. The torrents can be downloaded without any registration. This site is full of champion leagues of all ball matches according to the order of matches.


TC Boxing – Boxing Torrents

If you are a fan of this combating line; you should go for TC Boxing aka Boxing Torrents. Both amateur and pro versions of sports, boxing documentaries, radio shows and other HD contents (including foreign materials) are spotted on TC Boxing. Recent as well as Classics can be download in high quality from TC/BT. With over 4000 registered users and 12000 torrents, the site is pretty much handy to get trackers.


Sum It All Up

The torrent sites are bloated with numerous clients; tracking the best sporting platform for you. Without regard to you as a wrestler, boxing, ball games or any other sports lover; you always hunt for the site perfectly fills you with thrilling games. Best Torrent Sites for Sports is jam-packed with many torrent sites giving live streaming of Football, Hockey, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Cycling, Swimming and all in a single house.


The hex of these sites is attracting plenty of visitors; expanding the number of their users on a daily basis. Briefly mentioning cream of these sites:

The main pivotal power of these sites is; you can watch your favorite sport with just a click without paying any penny. Yippee!


This article has subjectively mentioned Best Torrent Sites for Sports from all main findings but the number of torrent sites is not bound to these only. The torrent orb is full of many all-purpose sites fulfilling the vow of providing quality sports streams. All in all; you need to check the best site according to your desire and start whooping it up.

Disclaimer: Grey Readers categorically does not promote any illegal sharing. Please check your country’s bylaws before downloading any content through torrent.