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Best Torrent Search Engines 2019

Best Torrent Search Engines is what you need to search for torrents on the internet. You are tired of the ad redirects on every (nearly) torrent site on the internet. But you want something that searches for your torrent file on all major torrent sites.

The Torrent search engines included in this best torrent search engines list have indexed torrents from many torrent sites. So you can find the desired torrent file on different sites with a different number of seeders and reviews. And you don’t need to worry about the torrent not working properly or a fake torrent file.

Let’s begin:

1. Torrentz2

Best Torrent Search Engines

Torrentz2 is the backup server of the well-known torrent search engine Torrentz – that shut this year. But Torrentz2 was started a few weeks later after and regained its title. It has indexed torrents from most top torrent sites including thepiratebay, kickass, 1337x and RARBG. You will definitely find your desired file on torrentz2. Overall Torrentz2 have the most monthly visitors that show, how much users love torrentz2.

2. Torrents.me

Best Torrent Search Engines

Torrents.me has been around for a while and comes right after torrentz2 on this list because of its value and verified indexed torrents. This client provides users with verified torrent files from different torrent websites. So users can download torrent files worry-free. Torrents.me not only provides torrents it also has detailed reviews on other torrent sites as well. You can find a list of top torrent sites according to user reviews on their site.

3. Torrentz.Clorask

Best Torrent Search Engines

Torrentz.Coloask has everything from a simple user-friendly interface to search for selected torrent categories. For a Beginner, it’s the best thing to start from. If you’re not familiar with what website to use or where to look for start with torrentz.colorask it will bring up the torrent with the most suitable amount of seeders, so you get faster downloads and verified torrents.

4. Veoble

Best Torrent Search Engines

If you want to download torrent files of various content files you can use the help of Veople. It indexes torrent from different sites and torrent trackers and provides you with the best torrent available on the internet. You can choose as you like to which site you’ll like to download the torrent from. This Popular Torrent Search Engine provides torrents from different categories.


Best Torrent Search Engines

XTORX allows you to search torrent files from different sources on the internet. The torrent index has torrents from the pirate bay and many other torrent sites. XTORX provides a torrent search for movies, TV Shows, Games and nearly all categories of content. You can download your torrent from your preferred torrent providers.

This concludes our list of Top Best Torrent Search Engines 2018. Comment Down your favorite torrent search engine that you think should be on this list.

Disclaimer: Grey Readers does not promote any illegal sharing or downloading through torrent. Please Check first your country’s bylaws before torrenting.