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Best Torrent Applications for Mac and Windows

Torrenting; a P2P file-sharing mechanism; is the most widely used protocol strategy that engraves a path for you to catch up your favorite files, music, games, apps, software, books and much more. The schematic approach behind this Torrent Phenomena lies in the best torrent clients working suitably on different Operating Systems be it – Mac, Windows, Android, Linux or any other.


In this ultra-modern state; the multi natured and multi areal users deploy different OS for which breaking off at one station is way out quite troublesome and verily unfeasible. This out of the question is easily fixed by breaking out new and best Torrent Clients and Applications– every next day – that have given a whole new and quite a feasible platform for Torrenters.


If you are a Mac or Windows user; then this article is going to help you in selecting Best Torrent Client – for your OS – from a bunch of Best Torrent Clients. Wasting no further time; let’s just start.


For Mac OS X

Mac users just grab up and read about the below-mentioned application before making a final decision.



Downloading and creating torrents for various trackers; making it a convenient site for Mac users. Folx Pro is an excellent tool minimizing the browsing of multiple torrent trackers and giving all relevant links in no time. Splitting the downloaded content up to 20 threads; significantly optimize the download speed.


Scheduling your download whenever it is convenient for you, add music and videos to iTunes automatically, save logins and passwords and download videos from other sites; are main features leaving a remarkable spot on Folx.



A super lightweight, fast and beautiful interface with an intuitive set of features making Transmission comparably one of the best sites for Mac OS. It is very light on your RAM and uses less resource, supports magnet links and finds local systems in proximity to your system.


Its main features include – setting global and per-torrent connections, prioritize and set stall times, encryption, speed limit mode, label filter and support by groups and extensive display info.



The most beautiful and elegantly crafted torrent client is XTorrent. A single clink activates the application and it is ready to start downloading torrents. Popping up immediately in a tabular view and ranked by quality, you can have browsed the search contents even before downloading it.


Available in various versions; the application is in far extensive use by Mac OS X users. The main features dilating this app are – no need to wait for the download, magnet or .torrent file supportive, adjust download and upload speed, check stream status on notification, built-in video player, etc.



Offering plentiful features, built-in web, and metasearch tools; Vuze keeps the torrenters within the boundary of torrent software. A neat and tidy interface that supports iTune integration; also burns files directly to DVDs but that require users to buy Vuze Plus. You can manage torrent downloads from a remote location by using its Web Remote feature.


Additional Vuze features are – swarm merging to complete torrents, speed up downloading, schedule limit by time and date, web torrent support, robust setting, decentralized anonymous and public chats, subscription to RSS feed, I2P support for anonymous downloading and an endless list of pro features.


For Windows OS

Windows users don’t rush out of patience. The coming apps are solely for Windows OS.



A very handy, lightweight, clean and feasible Torrent Application loved by most of the casual Windows users is here. Connecting both WebTorrent and BitTorrent peers and Giving a faster track; WebTorrent is an open-source, Chromecast, DLNA, and Airplay support and completely free from junks of hassles. If you hate to wait to finish downloading your favorite files; then give it a hit and start watching them right away.



For all the strata of users – either beginner or advanced level users – most ancient of all torrent applications is BitTorrent. Loaded with tons of features like limiting bandwidth usage, a download scheduler, putting a data cap, managing paired devices and running a program after the download completes is cream of this application. Without tangling yourself in heaps of ads; you can go for BitTorrent Pro which comes with customer support.



Protecting the anonymity of the users by having Tor-like Onion Network of its own; giving it a plus point while searching for best Torrent Clients for Windows. Placing three daisy-chained proxy servers between users and BitTorrent swarm. Tribler has a built-in video player which is actually VLC that hooks videos as you download torrents. Besides its overlay network; by which Tribler does not require an external website to search content; its endless features sum up in – Open2Edit, decentralized downloading, bandwidth management, family filter, proxy support – etc.



Free from any kind of Ads and Promotional Popups; qBitTorrent is simple to open source Torrent application: absolutely free. Inside its package; there’s a lot of features making it indispensable from fluky torrent applications be it – well-integrated search engine, RSS feed support, remote control through Web UI, sequential downloading, IP filtering, UPnP/NAT-PMP port forwarding support and most importantly available in ~70 languages. Viola!


Final Thoughts

There are a lot of Torrent Applications inside the torrent planet that is not limited to these apps only. Everyone carves for the best one to satisfy their needs. However; some applications do not have that ranking to make their point in the list of Best Torrent Clients for Mac and Windows. Wisely choose for the best one which suits your desires and leaving a soft impact with their tons of features.

Disclaimer: Grey Readers categorically not promote any illegal sharing. Please check your country’s bylaws before downloading any content through torrent.