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ai and human interaction
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Artificial Intelligence and Human Interaction: Who Can Survive Alone?

People always dreamt of having their tasks completed by someone else. It is always been the prime importance of creating such ways to keep themselves away from work and let machines do the work. They lessen the calculations on their own with the invention of computers.


As time passed, scientists developed machines and programmed them in a way to do tasks. This not only brought ease to the lives but boost the economy as well. Now Artificial Intelligence considered the base of the developed nations.


Interacting with AI and related technologies – IoT, machine learning, automation, etc. – have found to be really valuable for everyday task. In the grooming of an economy is much revolutionized with the practical implications of AI. But besides this, we also need to see how instrumental of a role that AI has played in human interaction.


AI and Human Interaction


The potential benefits that nations have enjoy with the AI and human interaction are undoubtedly astonishing. According to the Harvard Business Review:


The research of 1,500 companies revealed that most performance improvements were made when machines and humans work together.


Henceforward, it is unobjectionable that people work more efficiently with the help of machines. They now rely on machines which yield more accurate and speedy results.


But on the other hand, not forgetting some dangers as well that are imparted by the artificial intelligence on humans’ effectiveness.


Let’s see the how of AI and human interaction has changed the tech era.


Co-Nature Workplace


Working together – in some places – may be critical for some. No one wants to have a partner in work and want to do the entire task on his own. But in many cases, AI has changed the business lines by transforming the whole industries and the role of employees within them.


Where there was require more manpower to do a single job, now a single machine can do multiple tasks in no time. Hence saving time and effort which can be utilized somewhere else. AI has lessened the need for human power but humans have derived other ways to do tasks rather than just sit and sip.


Assessing Human Efforts


Whether a natural or man-made disaster occurs or has chances of occurrence, the machines prognosis the risks and alert organizations about such events. In the hours of need, artificial intelligence is of paramount importance to provide aid and get people relief.


AI and human interaction are showing to be extremely helpful in disaster relief accomplishments. Real-time mapping can be coordinated to highlight the organizations about danger and safer zones.


Additionally, predictive analytics are being used to forecast weather patterns to better forecast floods, earthquakes, and fires to warn people. This leads to minimizing the casualties in the event of a disaster.


Humans Without AI


In the field of human psychology, it is observed that humans cannot live without anything that benefits them. There is an established history about humans that are based on the experiences which can vary according to behaviors.


To better explain this phenomenon, let us assume a business relation in the partnership of human with AI. Some may find this bizarre, but let’s just assume for the sake of understanding. There are some tasks done by humans in which the most significant one is to program robots and machines to do further tasks.


  • What if one day they don’t program the machine?
  • What if there’s an error in their operations?
  • What is there’s malfunctioning in their systems?


All the tasks done by a single robot will then become a burden over dozens of people and to timely deal with them will be a new milestone to achieve.


There will be a catastrophic fall down in the business likewise in any industry where AI is the main element. Therefore there should remain a common practice where humans and AI can learn from each other.

AI and human interaction

AI Without Humans


There is clearly no debate on the smart functioning of artificial intelligence than humans. But this functioning and operation require humans to handle.  If – even for a single day – humans don’t program any machine then will machine continue to work?


Yes, but till that stage when they are out of power. Of course! Or else, they will start damaging their systems and their surroundings.


Therefore, removing bugs, coding programs, and proper maintenance of machines can never be done on their own and certainly require humans as the backbone to support and heal them.


Conclusively, AI can replace human beings which require a self-damaging, unending process.


Concluding Remarks!


Survival of humans and AI is not possible without each other. People have now become so dependent that a newborn wants to play on the tablet or smartphone than with toys and friends.


If this is the situation of the 21st century then what the next century will bring. Sounds amaze and scary.

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