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AI Is Replacing Human Beings – A Way Towards Digital World

Let’s be honest who does not like to get up, grab the remote, turn on your TV, and keep on searching for a channel unless you get a good one to amuse yourself? Or else, just tap on a screen while lying in your comfiest posture and enjoy yourself while listening to the music you desire?


I’m pretty sure that no one wants to hassle that much when they have all the shortest, fastest, and easiest ways to do so.


In the era of digital work, everything is running mechanically. Either you ask Alexa to play music or turn on a news channel or want to tie your shoelace. Be it searching a record from centuries ago or get the latest trends of a decade ahead.


We are living in a world of machines in which everything is running smoothly and quickly with the help of digital hands. The manual work has been so dropped off that we are immune to digital hands working for us.


We have gone so far that we are not realizing the fact that these digital hands or in simple words, technology is wrapping up the manual work. We became idle that we don’t want and even like to work on our own unless there is a mechanical way to do so.


Despite all the mockery about the technological advancements, no one is talking about the consequences they are triggering. We are limited to foresee the future based on artificial intelligence honking everywhere. The tainted concepts are vague enough to know how to fundamentally transfer this direction towards more human centralized industry instead of digital hands.


Wrapping up the Manual Work


The elite business forces are changing their gear towards a more mechanical way to fasten their pace towards touching the skies. Arduous, hefty, and time-consuming manual tasks are easily done by new machines which enabled the industries to automate every manual task.


Apparently, craftsman type jobs are replaced by the new industrial economy. The evolution of deriving new ways and hook up for the best one is made easier with digital hands which were required by long hours table work.


Architectural work, drafting, designing, or making cartoons; everything is now shifted to the digital works which are undoubtedly easy-peasy to do. It took hours to edit a single shot but now, AI itself highlights the error and eradicate it.


The entire community is standing on the platform of machine learning and AI-powered technologies such as Digital Process Automation (DPA), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), business mining, and a new generation of coding development.


The vast chunks of manual work are now entrapped in a small box which is under some of the brightest, most progressive minds who are now running the entire business with the shred of digital hands.


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Artificial Intelligence is Future


Things which was a dream till yesterday are happening now. Now forget about autonomous or even flying cars and start thinking about the time-traveling.


The swaths of thoughts for a project does not need a pleasing proposal to show. A hologram ad is enough to drive traffic at your work station.


Work prognostics are perfectly described by Andrew Yang in his book The War on Normal People: The Truth About America’s Disappearing Jobs and Why Universal Basic Income Is Our Future.


He shared his stark views of where this all leads and that how the automation and technological advancements will reshape our future.


It is defined in his book that:


A wave of automation and job loss is no longer a dystopian vision of the future—it’s well underway. The numbers have been telling a story for a while now that we have been ignoring. More and more people of prime working age have been dropping out of the workforce. There’s a growing mass of the permanently displaced. Automation is accelerating to a point where it will soon threaten our social fabric and way of life.


The heave of digital hands is massaging the industry through the blooming ways which are imparting a serious notion to the labor work.


Concluding Remarks!


Creating, curating, and sustaining a business is categorically depended on the human mindset which is superior to the thousands of automated machines. Living with the digital hands is something else yet it is more crucial and critical when it comes in lying off with no work.


And, err of carving paths is still hypothetical in terms of manual and digital works at the same place; happily. Do you ever like to give your seat to a robot who does not necessarily need that?

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