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How To Equalize Headphones On iPhone

If you are anywhere around the globe and want to listen to the outer world, what would you do? You probably put one of your earbuds out for listening to the music or podcast and the people around you. Umm, I’m pretty sure this will look gross and screw the sound volume.


But, thanks to the Mac world which is comprised of many customized options that are tucked away in iPhone.


The bass and spark of the sound beat the thrilling blood circulation in your body. Either you are listening to a normal bass sound or a high pitch song, you find yourself immersed when you use the equalize headphones on iPhone.


There are many digital headphone equalizers that help you out in rebalancing the sound frequencies according to your mood. These are best when you use hard beat headphones, especially for the tinny or small speaker songs.


Headphone Equalizer On iPhone

Headphone equalizer is surely the best tool to embrace your soul. This cherishes the sound beats with your heartbeats and make the music soulful. The inbuilt app helps in adjusting the sound levels while you are listening to it.


This gets the best results if you use headphones. For this, you need to do:

  • Go to the Settings on your iPhone.
  • Now tap Music.
  • Under the Playback section, tap EQ (Equalizer).
  • Now tap on your desired Equalizer.
  • If there is an equalizer on and you want to turn it off then tap off.

headphone equalizer

Note: There are 23 different equalizer settings in Apple. Probably, one equalizer setting you set is not going to fit for other music you listen. For this, you need to hop into settings every so often as the sound beats go change.

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Accessibility Option

Accessibility option is a hidden bonus you don’t hassle to find unless you need it. To enable this, you need to do:


  • Head to the Settings.
  • And jump straight to General.
  • Here you will find Accessibility


There is left-right volume balance, set the audio to mono. The sound of headphone will fluctuate as you move through the sidebar. Additionally, with the mono setting, the one earbud listening becomes relaxing.


This option is very fruitful for the people with a hearing problem in one of their ears, but you can also use to be in both worlds (inner soul and outer world!).


Note: You don’t have to follow all the rules and can make customizations as per your interest. You can select de-emphasizes setting to lower the high-node bass. On the contrary, you can shift to the bass-heavy setting to feel the music in your chest.


Best EQ Apps

There are always limitations in the built-in apps and iPhone’s headphone equalizer does not match all. For the audio freaks who want complete hold over the equalizer to experience better sounds, there is a bund of apps for iPhone and iPad.


The most user-friendly EQ are listed below.


  1. Boom: Available free, it is surely one of the top one to give you complete control on several handy features.
    headphone equalizer
  2. Equalizer+: With the 23 inbuilt effects, the app also controls the sound automatically to give you the best result. headphone equalizer
  3. Evermusic Pro: The best thing about this app is that it keeps a record of your individual preferences. So whenever you play different songs with different bass booster, you don’t need to change. equalize headphones on iPhone
  4. MolaEqualizer: This app helps you listen to the lowest sounds in high tone by amplifying up to +20dB.
  5. Denon Audio: It is a side-by-side partner to the Music Maniac ™ headphones. It connects to the iPhone well and gives a lot of controls in settings.


Concluding Remarks

The music junkies always want something extra to tweak the soul out of them. The well equalizes headphones on iPhone leave goosebumps while listening to the dead beats. If you know anything advanced than this then keep us informed.


Till then, shout out to the high bass!

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