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Lock MacBook Pro
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8 Ways To Lock Your MacBook Pro

Locking an account – regardless of any type – shields it from many mishandled people who try to sneak into your privacy.


I don’t think that anyone would not mind if they experience this.


A lock screen requires a password, code, or any digital impression to unlock it. Some devices have a built-in feature to automatically lock or sleep when it is not in use.


Likewise, MacBook Pro has a default function that put it on sleep when not in use. It. comes with plenty of other screen lock options like TouchID which uses finger impression to get unlocked into the MacBook.


There are many other features as well that enable you to lock your MacBook pro and don’t worry anymore about the surrounding people ready to jump into your privacy again.


1. Set A Password Lock

Not all Mac devices have lock features when it is on sleep. Anyone can just tap a key to unlock the MacBook and desktop will be back on its previous mode again. It seems like a problem for those who have any significant data.


Those, who log out on a regular basis can set a password lock to turn the sleep screen into a lock screen. Here are some little tweaks and everything is set then:

  • Select the gear icon from Apple Menu and go to “System Preferences”
  • When you’re in the General section, select the “Security & Privacy”
  • General is all about your passwords where you can see various checked checkboxes. Choose the option “Require password after sleep or screen saver begins”
  • Here you will see a Dropdown Menu with several options of lock and sleep.
  • Now choose the option “Immediately” to lock your MacBook pro immediate when you’re off of the seat.

Lock MacBook Pro

Note: This may affect screensavers so check the screensaver settings and make it acceptable. You have to type a password every time you log in. You need to enter the password if you try to make any changings, for instance, change the time or turn off the lock screen.

2. A Shortcut Way

There are even easier things than manually typing the password each time to lock the MacBook pro. These are handy and quick to use when you have to rush somewhere. (I mean in bathroom 😀 ).


There are three different shortcuts for 3 different versions.

  1. If you have a new MacBook then you can hold “Control + Shift + Power” buttons to sleep.
  2. You can hold “Control + Shift + Media Eject” buttons if you have an older one or a Mac keyboard.
  • Having a Mac running on macOS Mojave then holds “Control + Command + Q” buttons which will land you again on the login screen.

Note: Be careful while using this shortcut as many similar apps will automatically shut down other apps or your Mac.

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3. Lock Separate Files

If you have children in your house who play games on your MacBook or you share it with your siblings then it is definitely important to keep your important files and documents secure and out of their sight.


You can lock individual documents and files as well while not hindering others’ way to use the MacBook. You can do this by doing do:

  • “Right Click” the document you want to lock.
  • Now choose “Get Info”.
  • There will pop up a window with several options for document settings. Select “Locked” to make it a “Read Only”

Lock MacBook Pro

4. Lock MacBook Pro with Touchbar

If your new MacBook Pro has a touch bar then it becomes handier for you to lock it. You can also add a dedicated button to lock it.


  • Go to “System Preferences” and select “Keyboard”.
  • Now click “Customize Control Strip”.
  • Toggle off the “Lock Screen” button of your screen and onto the Touchbar.

Lock MacBook Pro

Note: You can put a four-buttons collection on your screen on in the expanded keyset.

5. Lock with Hot Corners

Hot Corners is a feature with two ends. Either most loved or most ignored. The plus point for the lovers of Hot Corners is that it can be used to lock the MacBook pro.


  • Go to “Mission Control” in “System Preferences”.
  • Now click the “Hot Corners”.
  • Select the “Put Display to Sleep” to trigger the lock option.

Lock MacBook Pro

6. Lock from Menu Bar

If your system is set to lock when it goes on sleep then you also need to add a button from the menu bar to activate sleep.


  • Go to the “Utilities” from the “Applications”.
  • Here you will see a menu “Keychain Access”. Select the “Preferences” command from this menu.
  • Now select “Show Keychain Status In Menu Bar”.
  • At this stage, you will notice a “Lock Icon” on your menu bar which upon clicking open the option to “Lock Your Screen”.

Note: Use the menu bar lock option to lock and unlock the keychains.

7. Fast User Switching

It lets you enter into another user account on your Mac. Additionally, you can use it to return back to the login window where you lock your MacBook pro.


  • Select the “Users & Groups” in the “System Preference”.
  • Now click the “Padlock” and type your password here.
  • Go to “Login Options” and checkmark the box “Show fast user switch menu as”.
  • Here you can also choose to show your full name, account name, or just an icon.
  • Click the “Fast User Switching” menu at the top right of the menu bar to lock your MacBook pro. And then choose the “Login Window”.

fast user switching

8. Use Dock

You can add an icon to the Dock to start your screensaver and lock your MacBook pro.


  • Go to the “Finder” and then select “Go” and “Go to Folder”.
  • A box will appear where you will enter:
  • /System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Versions/A/Resources/
  • After entering this click “Go”.
  • Now look for the “ScreenSaverEngine” file in the “Resources Folder” and drag it to your Dock.
  • Click the “ScreenSaverEngine” icon to start the screensaver.

Simple Hacks!
  1. Right Click the document title to lock the open document.
  2. Go to Share & Permissions to authorize a profile that can change the document.

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