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7 Best Torrent Websites For Movies 2018

Around half of the torrent community is based on sharing movies and movie torrents. There is a vast amount of audience that uses torrent for downloading movies  – one of the reasons why the use of P2P file sharing took off.

In this world of the internet its hard to find a reliable source to download movies. Downloading them the old fashioned ways has its perks. Waiting for your file to download and cease all other work related to the internet – that’s boring. What one needs is a movie torrent where he can download the movie while doing everyday work on his computer.

But to download a movie torrent we must know where to look for, so here’s a reliable list of 7 Best Torrent Websites For Movies 2018.

  1. YTS

  2. Best Torrent Websites for Movies

    YTS torrent doesn’t have any official connection with the original YIFY Torrent group, but they seem to have done a lot in providing movie torrents in the highest quality at the smallest size. Also, they have a good number of seeders to provide fast downloads. They Specify in Movie torrent and you can find old and new movies on their torrent index.

  3. 1337x

  4. Best Torrent Websites for Movies

    1337x is one of the top 10 torrent websites out there they have gained a lot of repute just last year after a lot of big competitors shut down. 1337x is like a library of movies, tv shows, and other torrent content. You can find the latest as well as old movie torrents at 1337x.

  5. Torrentz2

  6. Best Torrent Websites for Movies

    Torrentz2 is our well known Torrentz’s backup server. Users are still active on the site and the site is still updated. More and more torrents are added to its index each day. You can download movies from different genres from torrentz2. If it’s your first time do give torrentz2 a try to download your favorite movie.

  7. EZTV

  8. Best Torrent Websites for Movies

    EZTV was meant to be a torrent search engine for TV shows and short television series. But the high demand for movies and users uploading mostly movie-related torrents has made it one of the top 5 movie torrent website in our list. You can download movies in different categories.

  9. The Pirate Bay

  10. Best Torrent Websites for Movies

    We all know the pirate bay very well. Its said to be the torrent king of last year. The Pirate Bay has some serious amount of torrents in different categories. Due to its vast index of the torrent, it isn’t hard to find your required movie in your desired quality or size.

  11. RARBG

  12. Best Torrent Websites for Movies

    RARBG originated from Bulgaria, it is one of the best movie torrent websites. It has some nice amount of torrent index and users constantly update regarding the status of torrent files. If you’re looking for a site with verified torrents RARBG is the right place to come to.

  13. Torrents.me

Best Torrent Websites for Movies

Torrents.me is in this list because it’s a great help when it comes to downloading torrent files be it a movie, tv shows, games or anything. Due to its vast index of torrent sites and search with different torrent search engines within the site you can find your torrent file on different torrent sites.

This Concludes our list of Top 7 Best Torrent Websites for Movies 2018. Make Sure to comment down below your favorite movie torrent website.

Disclaimer: Grey Readers categorically not promote any illegal sharing. Please check your country’s bylaws before downloading any content through torrent.