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5 Steps to Write Perfect Business Email

Email is the main tool for communication between the businesses but a survey done by the Sendmail, Inc. In 2013 showed that it has caused tension, confusion and other negative effects for 64 percent of professional workers.


Email is an essential part of submitting your CV. Only a professional CV is not sufficient to get hired. Email writing is also part of it as well as for business communication.


Important: You can also check



While we prefer texting, the common, back and forth pattern that we use differs from the pre-planned, most self-contained pattern that professional workers expect while exchanging email and professional contacts.


When you are texting someone, the chances are that you already know them well and you share the same interest so you need not provide any context and hence your conversation will advance quickly.


But email is the way office professionals use to get their work done. They get 50, 100 or even 200 emails per day so they do not want to get into a leisurely conversation with you, asking you about what did you mean by X? What did you mean when you mentioned Y? They just want to clear that task from their inbox by either skimming it or moving it to the next person.


So. How can you avoid your emails by doing this?  I will provide you with the strategies that you can use to ensure that your email is effective, clear and successful.

1. Use a Good Subject Line

If you have used an unclear subject line, you have missed the first chance to impress your reader. A meaningful subject line is really important and will help a working professional to decide whether your email is worth reading. So take a moment before hitting” Send” to give your reader a reason to open your email

2. Keep Email Brief

Long and boring emails will result in murdering your reader interest. So, try to cut the text short. Only include the interesting stuff and get rid of all the unwanted things. Before you start writing an email ask yourself “Is that really necessary?”. Try to write focused lines in bullets.

3. Identify Yourself Clearly

Emails are different from texting our friends so you want to make sure that you introduce yourself first in a clear way. Even if someone knows you it is not necessary that they will recognize you by just looking at your email address so you should write a signature line that includes your name and a little information about you. You can also provide them with a link to your online profile if you think it’s necessary. The signature must include in your email.


Some free best signature makers for email are:

4. Try to be Polite & Humble

Although emails are less formal than the letters. But they show you how professional you are. So there is a certain level of formality that is needed. Try to use words as” Yours sincerely” and “All the best”. Also, check your tone.

5. Proofreading

Since you are sending an email, so it should look professional. As the first impression is the last impression. So before sending the mail, read it carefully check for all the missing commas and full stops. If possible you can also tell someone else to check them for you so they can point out your grammatical mistakes or you can always use google.


The best tool you can add to your browser is Grammarly. It will help you to check grammar and also punctual mistakes.

6. Example email template

Let me share an example, applying for the job a PHP developer.


Subject: CV/Resume for PHP Developer – Your Name



Dear Sir/Mam,


I am interested in the PHP developer position at ABC Company, as advertised in XYZ. I am currently employed as a web developer at XXXX. I believe that the skills and experiences I have gained at this position make me an ideal candidate for the job of PHP developer.


As a web developer, I have a strong grip on Code Igniter/Laravel/Core PHP. Side by side I have a good command of the following languages.


HTML5, CSS3,  JavaScript, Jquery, XHTML, and DATABASE.


I have done #x PROJECTS, which makes me a perfect candidate for this position.

Please have a look at my portfolio: href=”# Mention link here if any!”

Please find the attachment.







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