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5 Best Torrent Sites for Music

Music is a healing coat for the soul. The universe is full of music. It’s everywhere either Natural or Instrumental. Correspondingly; there is a list of countless numbers of music lovers. Everyone has a unique taste of music be it – Pop, Jazz, Classic, Metal, Opera or Rock. It abruptly affects your mood and releases tense cells. Research studies have also shown many benefits of music other than just putting you in a soothing and peaceful mood.


But foremost; on the other side, it is of paramount importance to have the best and reliable torrent site to get your favorite music. In the huge chunk of the torrent world; there are many malicious torrent sites that drop malware secretly in your system. But with the growing number of new torrent sites, search for the best sites is infinity.


This article is going to unleash 5 free torrent sites as Best Torrent Sites to satisfy music suitors.


1. Sky Torrents


The unbeatable one-stop solution to delight music lovers is Sky Torrents. You can get every type of music like – Pop, Jazz, Opera, Classic – and many other; in no time. The decent user-friendly interface makes searching for favorite tracks without the pressure of hassles. By availing Unblock ExtraTorrents features; amongst other useful features; you can use ExtraTorrents to gratify your musical cravings.


This privacy-focused torrent search engine is included in the list of best torrent sites for music and is unique due to its Gentry in Classical Music. With 15 Million TorrentDatabase and 444 Gigabytes of .torrent files for the activists, the site offers a guaranteed private and ads free arena for its users.


2. Toorgle


Designed in 2007 and with 450+ torrent websites which cover – in detail – the music slot; this site comes with a pack of classical music torrents of high quality. The Micro Torrent Site uses Google search engine to find the relevant torrents and interlocks the file with its own database. You have to download Toorgle Index with over 55,000,000 torrent indexed; where all the torrents are available; to download your favorite content.


The site enables easy searching of millions of files and magnet links by merely entering its name; giving you liberty from manual search. You can easily add Toorqle search bar in your browser. It is by namely called as Google of all torrent sites; as it popups with the relevant file – in no time – all from the internet comb and gives you the most resilient and healthy file having many seeders.


3. BTScene


A new torrenting site with generic features – especially for rock music – comes up with the aim to strive hard to make its mark on the torrent platform. BTScene also was known as Bit Torrent Scene also offers torrenting for – movies, games, anime, and others – besides music only. It is a Free Public File Sharing Platform having clean and user-friendly interface making it handy to use for multi-purposes.


Though; the site uses DMCA rules for which the best torrent VPN is must before downloading your desired content from BTScene. The site is blocked from ISPs across the globe for which BTScene has given a solution. Providing a list of 11 proxies to reach out the site; BTScene gives relief to its users.


4. iDope


iDope is an ad-free, clean and safe search engine filling the void of the marvelous torrent site Kickass Torrent. With over 16,530,350 torrents on the site; iDope is a hassle-free site that drives into a wide range of music genre to satisfy all tastes of music lovers. The dominant features that make this site indispensable are:


  • Mobile-Friendly Search Results
  • Hands-Free Voice Search
  • Large Collection of Torrents
  • Free and Safe Torrent Downloads
  • Quick and Easy File Sharing
  • HTTPs Protocol Adopted


The new UI Design and Mobile Application; make this site desirable for millions of users prefer using their smartphones and tablets. But you need to pre-install torrent downloader/client before having fun while using the versatility of this site.


5. Torrents.me


If you are a pop music lover; you have come to the right place. Besides providing desirable content for music lovers; Torrents.me fetches torrent files from other torrent sites to please pop music lovers quite easily. The site helps people finding their content using two languages: English and Spanish: pretty soon. With its ads-free policy; the site combines more than 200 Popular Torrent Sites and 100 Private Trackers in a torrent multi-search. The torrent playground is full of 700 torrent sites. So if you want to cherish your torrenting appetite besides music; Torrents.me is absolute: All in One.




The torrenting is an interesting slot to find the pills of your music hunger. But Behold! The ISPs are actively monitoring torrent sites tracking your torrent searches by looking at your IP Address. You need to use a reliable and best VPN before torrenting to veil your IP address.


The article has wrapped the Top 5 Torrent Sites for Music Bundle. There is a cluster of many other sites for clinching your favorite torrents. Here we suggest you use only verified and 100% safe torrent sites against copyright trolls, viruses, malware, hackers, and spy agencies. To make yourself in a safe zone; VPN offers a very helping hand to put you out from the hot waters of legal troubles. Now look wisely on the legality of using Torrent Sites and pick the one that has a ring to you.