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5 Best Torrent Sites for Books

Being a book fanatic is really incredible and getting the desired book is more like heaven. The world is full of knowledge and it’s almost way out to put all knowledge in your mind. However, people go for the best books and crave their eyes for perfectly meeting their match.


It is really an uphill and long drawn out task to go to a library; search for your favorite ones and return back with a fat bundle of books. Why not make libraries bunched in your pocket or on your desk? Cheers! There’s blossom news for you.


For all the bookworms here; the torrent has gifted you another feature and this is called E-Book Reading Sites which are actually the best Torrent sites for books. On these sites, you can search by putting the desired name of your reading and torrent E-Book site readily popups with all the available suggestions.


It is the matter of crux to be aware of all the far-ranging knowledge and read them wherever and whenever you want. You can search for the musical, science, arts, fashion, fictions, history, political and journey books with no end of other areas as well; all at a single place. E-Book torrent sites provide you with a portable library; squeezed and compacted in your device with absolutely free of cost. E-Book torrents are the best path to bring off your hunger for reading.


There are many torrent sites for reading but the blog is kept limited to the 5 Best Torrent Sites for Books learning.


1. 1337x

The site has a cleaner interesting layout design. It is more popular in India. It’s very easy to search a book and get a magnet URL free from any annoying and frustrating fake torrents. The site also enables to see uploading by a person and getting top stars for safe downloading. Rating amongst the top torrent sites; 1337x provides thousands of options, a huge library, elegant search engine, and a brilliant design perfectly match what you are hunting for.


The best by name for this site should be Encyclopedia due to its far-reaching services and no one returns empty hand from this site. This is a One-Stop Station for your rides towards your favorite readings.


2. Manybooks

The site contains over 33,000 of free E-Books available for Kindle, Nook, iPad and most other E-Readers. You can choose a book from the most popular titles, recommendations and recent reviews from readers. The site also has paid E-Book links and third party links like Amazon, B&N and Apple. Select your favorite category to find free E-Books.


Through different options like – Genres, Author, Titles, Recommendations, Languages, and Popular – the site enables all users to search for their favorite ones. The HTML version enables readers to read a book without downloading it. The hidden attributes are given in detail; all you need to do is – to go insight the site for further exploration.


3. Zooqle

Zooqle is basically a torrent search engine that provides a series of E-Book formats like audiobooks, comics, magazines, textbooks, and others. Also, you can simply search a book using the search box and Zooqle provides you with hundreds of all suitable kinds of stuff straightaway.


The site is included in the torrent sites providing free book readings to grasp your appetite of book reading. The site has the most comprehensive collection of options. With more than 70% positive votes; the site is been considered as the best platform to provide authentic readings with just a click.


4. FreeBookSpot

It is one of the best ever oriented website filling the thirst of readers. The site has different categories like – Adult Novels, Agriculture, Algorithms, Arabic, Biology, Cosmology, Cards, Certifications and what not – with more than 90 categories. This site also offers third-party sites to host free E-Books. You need to always use a Torrenting VPN while downloading; as the site follows DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) guidelines.


It’s 2019 version provides different sections to be it – wanted, expired, catalog, most popular and selections. All the books are ready to download without getting yourself registered. To become a member to free download and commenting; you need to get registered which is free and short.


5. E-Books-Share

Considered as the best torrent site for books and divided into categories; there are thousands of books available corresponding to different natured readers on Book-Share. The site also provides Book Info like – Publisher, Release Date, Languages, Pages, and links to a page if available – when you click on a specific book. Likewise; you can explore a book by its – title, author name, and subject – or just by browsing the category.


Reading the description before downloading, you can decide the monetary worth of reading certain books. Having more than 50 categories, the site offers latest E-Books, Featured E-Books and Most Popular classes.


Reading is an endless hobby and more you read; more you desire to get into it. The 5 Top Best Torrent Sites for Books includes – subjectively – sites suitable for pro readings. Nevertheless; the torrent world is comprised of many other shining stars as well; that give beneficial arenas for E-Library.


To conquest your ambition for readings, not jump abruptly onto conclusions. Find by yourself. Choose the best ones. Rush to pick your favorite books and go lost in your reading fantasies.

Disclaimer: Grey Readers categorically not promote any illegal sharing. Please check your country’s bylaws before downloading any content through torrent.