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5 Best Hair Tips To Make Your Hair Growth Fast, Thick, Shiny, and Beautiful

We all know that nothing is more beautiful than having natural and healthy hair. In all seasons our hair needs special care. Fast hair growth is the key to have a beauty all in all. And surely, long and healthy hair gives confidence and always ready to shine.

With the years passing, there are many products and treatments for hair growth available which are very expensive. They might leave you with nourished hair for some time but with time your hair starts turning white and rough. Why not take the first step to your hair care yourself?

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Rough and dry hair makes every day a dull day. It leaves you in trauma when you see other girls with gorgeous hair and then begins the hype of spending too much on hair treatment.

Here are some hair nourishing tips which can definitely help you in making your hairs shiny, thick and beautiful.


Take Care of Your Diet for Hair Growth

This is the first and root tip for hairs and many for issues which we face nowadays. Taking care of hair begins with a well-balanced diet. The two most important things, which should be present in your diet are iron and protein. Only if you knew, the hair cells are the most fast-growing cells in your body and if you don’t eat right they will be affected the most.

Go for iron-rich foods such as leafy, vegetables, pumpkin seeds, beans, etc. Protein strengthens your hair, eat loads of cheese, milk, yogurt, and peas. Fast food damages health and hair growth as well.

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Get your Hands Over the Hair Products with UV Protection

Look for hair growth products which have natural UV protection. Nothing is worse than using products with unnecessary chemicals. The blistering heat of summers leave the pores of the skin and the scalp open, which results in further absorption of chemicals present in the hair products. You should change your shampoo and conditioner with added UV protection. You should totally go for products with the oil of sunflower. It acts as an emollient, which provides moisture to your hair. It results in soft and healthy hair, says goodbye to your rough hair.


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Stay away from local shampoos or products. Always try to buy these type of products from known stores.  Check expiry dates before buying.



Wear a Hat or Hair Scarf to Cover Your Hairs

Summers? Hat or Hair scarf has always been part of summer trends. It not only gives you a trendy look but also provides you, UV protection and help your hair to retain moisture.


Healthy hair begins at the scalp and if your scalp gets damaged you should start preparing for a welcome party for rough hair. Whether you go to the beach or the bike ride, don’t forget to cover your head. And we all know when it comes to hats or hair scarf, we never run out of styles.



Silk Pillows are so Royal for Hairs Treatment

Beauty sleep is all we need. Sleeping 8 hours on silk pillow can literally get you done with your beauty sleep. Hair gets damaged when they are being roughed up and tangles.


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A silk pillow avoids friction and provides a smooth surface, resulting in less tangled and messed up hair when you wake up. So royal. Go get a silk pillow for you if you don’t want to ruin your precious hairs.


Trim, Trim, and Trim Your Hairs

Growing your hair long? Confused about whether to get a haircut or not? So many splits end? Go for a hair trim. It’s not a full haircut, it just takes away your split ends and rough hair at the end, making it so easy for you to style and manage. Get your hair trimmed about 1/4th an inch every 6 to 8 weeks.


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Here are the tips for getting healthy hairs, you can do it all the things at home without spending any penny. I know many saloons make our hair cool but they are only for a very short period of time. If you are sincere with your hairs and you don’t want to lose them in your old age, spend some time and do care for them.


Start taking care of your hair ladies, before they turn white and damaged. 😉