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5 Best Cloud Torrent Sites

How do you feel when your torrenting goes snail pace and slack? It’s quite annoying? Right? Here the torrent world has resolved this troublesome. Cloud Torrent Sites are a way helpful to let you out from the tangles of uploading and downloading files and gives you a room to grab your favorite files right on hand.


Cloud torrent is secure, private and lightning-fast. A torrent that another user has already downloaded; upon your downloading, it will become available for streaming: instantly. Henceforth, caching, syncing, collaborating and sharing – of course – keep the popular files merely a click away; Cloud Torrent Sites makes it handy to use your downloads anywhere around the globe on any of your devices – via Graphical User Interface.


When you are torrenting from home; your IP address is broadcast to everyone – including your copyright tolls or snoops. Your torrent traits may be limitations due to slow connections and data caps. Unless you have a best VPN connection or Clouding; you have to wait patiently for your download. But through Torrent Clouding, you can download your favorite items quickly and anonymously and your ISP can’t block your torrent download. Hurray.


On that account; here are some of the best Cloud Torrent Sites; that you may find advantageous for your torrent downloads. This information is purely subjective. So let’s jump straight into the ship.


1. Bitport

Talking about the top-notch server, BitPort leads them all. Providing the cheapest rates: comparing other cloud sites: BitPort offers 1GB storage space and one torrent limit per day with a free trial.   Converting magnet links to direct download links; you just need to thrust any torrent file and it will fetch it for you at a much higher speed and you shortly see your download tab on the screen.


Upon downloading; the link is now saved on your cloud. BitPort.io offers a small plan of $5 up to the big plan of $15 per month. The plus point of this site is; if you don’t get satisfied with this you can get your money back within 30 days of paying: guaranteed.


2. Seedr

It is amongst the easiest and supportive sites that let you to painlessly download your torrents to the cloud over HTTPs connections. Providing 2GB free storage for the free plan, the file storage can be extended up to 100 GB by referring to other friends and doing some other tasks.


The best part of it is – download without count – means there is no download limit. It is supportive for multiple server locations and is absolutely virus protected but there is slow customer support. Converting magnet links to direct online links and offering a spartan interface; Seedr fast service takes your torrenting to the next level.


3. Cloudload

For safely at your fingertips; you can enjoy download speed up to 10GB: wow. You just need to enter your favorite file name on the search box and within a couple of seconds; Cloudload popups with lots of options ready to directly enter to your account.


Offering 7 days free trial up to Tera $49.98 per month; the site supports 25 types of file. The main features that make it compatible are – built-in virus scanner, directly stream audio and video files, stay safe and anonymous, above-average download speed and work on various devices; even on TV.


4. Offcloud

The multi-purpose cloud station is here. You are not limit to torrents only; the site is supported for other streaming sites like YouTube and Vimeo video links as well as supportive like Google Drive or Dropbox. Cloud backup feature allows you to download your torrents not on your private device but only in Offcloud space. There is a trio of Instant, Cloud and Remote options for downloading torrents in the cloud.


The instant option is a proxy that downloads torrent on a device rather than on the cloud. While remote option requires configuration and access of Offcloud to store your data. The free trial is limited to 10GB of data and limited to only three links. Offcloud; by providing $59.99 per annum with unlimited storage and bandwidth; may seem like overkilling.

5. TransferCloud

The uniqueness of this site is its Android application. It offers 7 days trial and money-back guarantee; in case if you don’t enjoy it.  With fair prices, the activation is available from Premium to Monster offers at a highest of $15.99 for 30 days. With its Gigabit Network architecture; it offers high speed to download and to upload with no worries of a low amount of seeders.


TransferCloud serves securely by anonymous torrenting with no possibility of tracking. It provides – multiple cloud storages, the high-speed connection and perfect technical support with unlimited bandwidth. The main repellent of this site is its no antivirus built-in that proves to be a low key. But over and above; the crypto of the site lies in its multi-supported cloud sites.


There is a galaxy of Cloud Torrent Sites that are just packed to topmost 5 boxes. Most of the sites are buggy and seem gross when using. If your stomach is still hungry and you want to go deeper in this box; try to look by yourself and choose the one that best fills you up.

Disclaimer: Grey Readers categorically not promote any illegal sharing. Please check your country’s bylaws before downloading any content through torrent.