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10 Best Torrent Programs

In this tech world, people rush for quick and handy arenas. Conversely; backbreaker ones repel their users. For clean and easy downloading; you need a torrent client which serve without any stiffness, snail-paced and chocking of exorbitant ads.

Choosing right torrent client software makes a clear distinction between; a painless download and a husky tough download. While this software is completely legal to use; it does not mean that the content you are downloading is free from copyright issues. You need to know your country’s specific legal issues before using a torrent client to download any content.

There are dozens of torrent clients with experiential features. But casual users opt for lightweight and decent clients; easy to do a job. There are many junk-ware in Torrent Programs. While tethering a torrent file on your computer; a P2P (peer-to-peer) tech is highly commendable for using due to its great mileage.

Here; presenting 10 Best Torrent Programs; entirely subjective. So! Give it a go.

1. uTorrent

It is a clean, lightweight and user-friendly interface. It is a widely compatible torrent client with the highest number of downloads. Working on Windows, Android, Mac and Linux operating systems – this software has a lot of advanced configuration options. Providing secure remote access to the client; on any device; also offering preview by streaming video file while downloading.

2. BitTorrent

This is an original torrent program that makes it easier to download for beginners and advance users alike.  It is a hub for searches, a streamlined, intuitive interface, skin personalization along with the addition of new features and maximization of bandwidth. This site is kind of different than typical uTorrent site due to its functionality in web base seeding, commenting and reviewing. Its 64bit version allows massive size disk cache (up to 16GB).

3. QBitTorrent

This program does not come with – advertisement, bloatware or spyware. It provides nice, fresh and cleaner user interface with no popping of hassle premium options. It is a fast, slimline and does not consume much memory. The unique features make it unambiguous than other torrent programs. But you also need to install Python to use the built-in search engine.

4. Transmission

Multi-platform BitTorrent is available by Transmission. It provides watch lists, a streamlined integration, and user-friendly interface. It is an open source client which allows people to choose to add more features. One of the most cited reason is its easy learning curve. The endless powerful features of transmission are: encryption, a web interface, peer exchanges, magnet links, DHT, UPnP and NAT-PMP port forwarding, web seed support, watch directories, tracker editing and many more.

5. Vuze

Formerly known as Azureus: it is another most popular torrent client and easy to use.  It offers integrated Metasearch, subscription to favorite content, multiple streaming downloads, remote control, drag, and drop device playback and many other options. When you are downloading any specific content; Vuze makes is easier and automatically optimizes torrent download speed. It is ad supported and is available for Windows, MacOSX, Android and Linux but also have Vuze+ absolutely ad-free with more additional features.

6. BitComet

It is the amalgamation of organization and management tool. It increases download speed by several times over. It is added with easy seeding, sharing, preview options while downloading and complete download customization. Fast and powerful; long-term seeding; intelligent disk catching; preview while downloading – all these features make it a multi-threaded hybrid download manager. It also includes download plugins for Firefox.

7. Halite BitTorrent

Simplest and cleanest in its unique way; Halite BitTorrent (named after the mineral) is supported for Windows only. It is a C++ BitTorrent client that relies heavily on Boost Libraries. It is available in EXE application from GitHub. The never-ending feature is – super seeding, web-seeds, disk cache and magnet URI support, protocol encryption support, ability to create torrent files and edit trackers, IP filtering – and so on. If you wish to help with the translation then here you’re in for a treat. This client provides a translation of UI into a number of other languages.

8. FrostWire

In the era of hunks of ads, FrostWire came out as a relief to provide free-of-charge solutions. Though; it does not have that UI interface – despite – it is quite simple with loath of advanced features supported on Windows, MacOSX, Linux and Android. Supporting all modern standards; it optimizes network speed, creates and download torrents and share files.

9. BitLord

Available for Windows and MacOSX; this software has widespread features for advanced users. It has a built-in video player and knack to stream video and audio files. Built-in torrent search engines and RSS readers; make it viable than other fostering clients. You can have subtitles by using API from subtitles.org.

10. Tixati

A powerful P2P software with no spyware, no advertisements, and no-nonsense. Ultra-fast downloading algorithms provides DHT, PHX, and Magnet Link support. It provides RC4 connection encryption for security and detailed bandwidth management. The easy and quick installation does not require any java or .net installation or updating.

It is wondering in the universe of torrents; but one must call for a suitable torrent program, its premium features, and optimizing applications. There is a dig of the list of recommendations that go deep and deeper. This article is the essence of 10 Best Torrent Programs in entirely subjective.

You can go through the torrent programs and choose the best platform depending on its compatibility, size, and performance, ease of use, price/adware, and other specs. So! snap up a stable and quick-to-do torrent client and freak out on your favorite programs.

Disclaimer: Grey Readers categorically not promote any illegal sharing. Please check your country’s bylaws before downloading any content through torrent.